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Diary of a Tall Fashionista: Tall Leggings for Tall Ladies

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Diary of a Tall Fashionista: Tall Leggings for Tall Ladies

By Tiffany DeLangie - Tall Fashion Writer for Tall Clothing Mall

You know you’re getting old when trends you wore as a tween become trendy again. And so it begins. I remember looking at pictures of my mom in bell bottoms and saying “I’ll never wear those.” In her infinite wisdom my mom chided, “Never say never.” Shortly thereafter, I bought my first pair of bell bottoms. I didn’t so much care about the bell bottom; I was more in love with the fact that they actually covered my ankle. Well so the story goes with leggings. I remember wearing them when I was about 10…and I loved them. And now I’m…well not 10, and I love them again. True, it’s trickier wearing them now than when I had toothpicks for legs and absolutely no derriere. But still, it’s doable.

If you think you can’t wear leggings because you’re too tall or too not-the-Olsen-twins, think again. With a few simple tips you’ll look fabulous and cutting edge. First, as tall ladies the most important thing is to find tall leggings that are the right length. I love cropped pants as much as the next sister, but don’t try to pass off ‘normal’ leggings (and by that I mean those made for the average woman) as cropped. If you’re going to wear cropped go all the way! If not, finding the perfect pair of tall leggings is just a click away. As long as the leggings reach your ankle, Pencey Scuba Snap Favorite Leggings women's tall leggingsyou’re golden. During winter you may be tempted to buy ‘normal’ leggings to wear with tall or slouchy boots, but winter is almost over and I promise if you invest in a pair of fabulous, quality, tall leggings, you’ll be thrilled when Spring and Summer arrive and you can wear your tall leggings with ballet flats and sandals. So, say it with me, “I will not settle for ‘average.’ I am not average and shun the insinuation. I will purchase tall leggings and I will love them.” I hate to resort to borderline hypnosis but rule #1 is very important.

Secondly, don’t be overwhelmed at the thought of wearing tall leggings. You don’t have to go out and buy an entirely new wardrobe to make them work. One of the easiest ways to wear tall leggings is simply to wear them as you would tights. You may be thinking “Why don’t I just wear tights?” The answer is because tights arelace tall leggings expected. Remember we are not average! So boost the cool factor by mixing in an unexpected item in your ensemble. The other great thing about tall leggings is they extend your wardrobe and allow you to wear pieces that you typically couldn’t. For instance, when you find that cute little sheath dress on the clearance rack and lament because it’s too short to wear in real life, now you can throw it over a pair of tall leggings and be done with it! I have many of those dresses, most of which I paid next to nothing for and they make a simple, yet stylish outfit paired with tall leggings. Tunic length shirts, blouses, and tops are all over the place right now and also do the trick, which leads me to my next point.

Let’s keep it clean and classy. If you are a tiny dancer (not in an Elton John way, but in a “that girl must be a dancer because I could bounce a quarter off of her…” way) or a celebrity, you can wear tall leggings with anything and get away with it. As for the other 99% of us, I suggest covering any unsightly lumps, bumps, and dimples (sorry to be so graphic, but I gotta keep it real) with a sheath dress, a tunic top, or a long jacket. You can find these items in tall sizes at just a click away. If you are daring, try tall liquid leggings (also called leather leggings) with a tunic length mens’ shirt and sneakers, ankle boots, or heels--a perfect marriage of edge and class.

Whatever you choose to pair with your tall leggings, I hope you’re inspired to find the perfect pair of tall leggings that suit your style, shape, and budget.

Tall Clothing Mall has women's tall leggings.

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