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Must Have Accessories for Men (Part I of II)

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Must Have Accessories for Men (Part I of II)

I'm always talking about how fashion for tall men and women isn't exactly cutting edge.  Most retailers only choose the 'safest' items to manufacture/sell in tall sizes. We are such a niche market that it can be tough to find current trends and styles in our size.  If we don't put forth effort it becomes very easy to look plain and drab.  One solution to the issue is to use accessories to differentiate ourselves and show a sense of personal style.  I preach this to women all the time but when it comes to men, I think I've dropped the ball!  When I think of accessorizing I don't think of men.  My husband went through a bracelet (really, a leather cuff) and necklace phase a while ago but I'm pretty sure he's ashamed of himself now (don't tell him I told you).  So what accessories can men wear without feeling foolish or looking like they're trying a little too hard?  I came across this image at GQ:
image courtesy of {here}
The article was about accessories for men.  Now upon first glance you probably think he looks a bit silly.  So do I!  BUT I think there is some validity to point: guys can accessorize too!  I'm no fashion editor at GQ but I am going to go out on a limb and say my picks are a bit more wearable and affordable for the average man.  And if you missed my point earlier, I'll say it clearly: use caution when accessorizing.  I have no idea where this guy is going but I'd recommend not wearing all of these accessories together!  
1. HatStraw Fedora Hat. I chose a fedora because it's one of those items that both old and young alike can get away with.  I liked the open weave as well.  I would have chosen a baseball cap.  But I kind of assumed you already own one of those. ;)
2. ShadesLacoste Shield Aviator Sunglasses.  Aviators are cool.  But this pair isn't as I-wish-I-was-Tom-Cruise-in-Top-Gun-ish.
3. TieNordstrom Woven Silk Tie.  This tie comes in extra long--perfect for your long torso.  I love the classic colors of blue and green but a few shades lighter.  Perfect for Summer.
4. Tie Bar: Cufflinks New England Patriots Tie Bar.  OK so I was kind of having fun with this one. I'd actually recommend if you have only one tie bar, it not be a sports themed one.  But I live in New Hampshire and couldn't resist!
5. WatchToy Watch Mens Me15pw Silver Steel Strap Watch. Not much to say about this one besides I LOVE it.  It's sort of patina and can go with black or brown.  It's classy, sporty, and stylish all at the same time.  And can a watch be sexy?  If so, add that adjective to the list.

What accessories can't you live without?  Stay tuned for 5 more must have accessories in Part II.

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