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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Big & Tall Clearance

Now is a good time to check out the clearance section at Rochester Big & Tall as there are many new items added with discounts up to 75% off on big and tall. Also get $4.95 flat rate shipping on your order when you enter coupon code: AFFUSE during checkout.

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Monday, September 29, 2008

Save $30 on Select Lucky Brand Jeans

Friday, September 26, 2008

Men's Tall Hunting Pants

The hunting season is in full swing. In my small town here in Colorado, the hunters have taken over. If you are gearing up for hunting season, you may need a pair of tall hunting pants. This pair of RedHead Bone-Dry C.W.S. insulated tall camo pants will keep you dry and warm on those rainy or possibly snowy days.
RedHead Bone-Dry C.W.S. Insulated Pants for Men

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tall Designer Jeans Boutique

If you haven't checked out Designs by Stephene, it's a great boutique store carrying a large selection of tall designer jeans for men and women. Be sure to check here for the latest discounts and coupon codes.

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Tall, Plus Size Juicy Couture Loungewear

Great news! Now plus size women can now wear Juicy Couture. They finally have created plus size loungewear and the pants have 34" inseam length. Choose from 4 colors in sizes 12W-24W.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Shoe Coupon

There is a new shoe coupon available to help you save on shoes for the whole family. Save $20 off purchases of $100 or more and $50 off $200 or more at Enter coupon code: FALLSALE08 at checkout. Coupon expires 10/6/08

For more women's shoe coupons, click here.
For more men's shoe coupons, click here.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Eddie Bauer Free Shipping

Men's Tall Shirt by Ike Behar

The confident tall man will like this designer tall shirt by Ike Behar. Crisp paisleys are overprinted on stripes. Long-sleeves, spread collar, button cuffs, button sleeve plackets and a shirttail bottom. Available in sizes LT-4XLT. Purchase from Westport Big & Tall Item# 31213

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Eliminate Panty Peek -Favorite New Clothes Invention for Tall Girls - The Hip T

I came across a product that is extremely helpful for tall girls. This summer I discovered "the hip t". Invented by 2 moms that were sick of their panties peaking out from under their jeans. They created a band of t-shirt material to go around the waist. It fits over your jeans and under your shirts. It is similar to "Bella bands" which are worn by pregnant women. You will love having the coverage without the extra heat or bulk of having to wear a full shirt. They have expanded their product line and now offer the orignal "hip t" in lace (3 colors), basic "hip t" (12 colors)and a zebra print "hip t".
icon iconiconicon

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Big & Tall T-Shirt/Undershirt

This crew neck big and tall undershirt by Guy Laroche is made from 100% combed cotton. It features a 9x3 knit ribbed fabric with form fitting styling. It is knitted in a tubular underwear style to hug the body and eliminate side seams. It is so good looking that you can also wear it as outwear, but may look better on those with buff arms (he he)! Available in black, white or grey in sizes MT-4XT. $19

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Save 40% on True Religion Jeans Today

Today only save 40% on True Religion brand clothing at You can also save 40% off the following brands: Betsey Johnson, Plenty by Tracy Reese and Iodice. To get the discount enter coupon code: 19SEPT08 at checkout. This sale ends at midnight tonight.
True Religion Johnny Straight Leg Jean

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Old Navy's Best Friend Sale

This weekend only save 20% off your entire order at, plus get free shipping. Enter coupon code: BFF for the discount.Be sure to check out the clearance deals as many items are $9.99 and under. Remember that Old Navy now carries women's tall sizes with jeans, pants and workout pants in 36" inseam lengths, but only online. Sale ends 9/21/08.

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tall Bridesmaid Dresses

You have a dilemma. You've been invited to be in your best friend's wedding party and being a tall gal, you know you will look ridiculous in most bridesmaid dresses. The smart, tall fashionista knows that you need to have a plan before you are faced with this dilemma. My suggestion is that as soon as you are invited to be a bridesmaid, you might strongly suggest that your friend choose her bridesmaid dresses from House of Brides. They have one of the largest selections of floor length bridal dresses that can be made in longer lengths. Many of them can add an additional 3"-6" of length to the bottom of the dress and they carry sizes 0-26. Thank goodness! If you friend happens to be tall, they also have tall wedding dresses too! But, order them well in advance, because special orders take longer.
WToo Bridesmaid Dresses Style 178WToo Bridesmaid Dresses Style 264Mia Solano Couture Wedding Dress Style M638

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Women's 36" Inseam Wide Leg Stretch Jeans

Women's Tall Slim Fit Wide Leg Stretch Jean - Black
This pair of 36" inseam wide leg jeans balances out the hips for a flattering, slimming look. It sits slightly below the waist. Available in black or dark denim, both colors are nice. The bit of stretch add to the comfort of these slim fitting tall jeans. Available from soft surroundings.

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7 For All Mankind Men's 35" Inseam Jeans

This pair of 7 For All Mankind men's 35" inseam jeans has subtle fading, whiskering and a stylish hole at the knee create a worn-in look on medium blue jeans with slightly distressed pockets and hem. Signature 'A' design in dark blue embroidery details the back pockets. It is a great pair of jeans for the tall, thin man as sizes start at 28" waists. 7 for All Mankind jeans are a great tall designer jean brand that is known to fit just right. Purchase from where you can get free shipping on orders of $200 or more.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tall, Plus Size Outfits

Get some put together tall, plus size outfits at Their outfit shop takes the guess what out of trying to figure out what looks great together. This featured outfit is comfy and stylish. It comes with a cropped canvas jacket, a floral screen print tie dye tee, a pair of 34" inseam bootcut jeans, and a pair of ankle boots. Save 15%* at! Click Here for Details.

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Incredible Shoe Coupon

Timberland Chochorua Trail (Men's) - Brown w/ Green Rockport Havant (Men's) - Black New Balance MX621 (Men's) - White/Navy
Annie Sadie (Women's) - Black New Balance WW558 (Women's) - White/PinkSoftspots Meryl (Women's) - Toffee Nova
I have a great shoe deal for you today: save $20 off $50 or more + Free Shipping at when you click here and then pay with PayPal. You also get free returns if you don't like the shoe. They carry many large size shoes. Hurry as this offer ends 9/19/08.

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Men's Tall Leather Sport Coat

I am loving the look of this tall leather sport coat. This is definitely a look that will impress your boss. The single-breasted sport coat finely tailored by Stafford Essentials has many great details such as: two-button style notch collar and natural shoulders, two double besom flap pockets and one chest pocket, back center vent. It is made of a supple nappa leather touched with lamb for a more luxurious appeal. It comes in 3 colors in tall sizes and big and tall sizes and is on sale for $209.99-$229.99 was $350-$385.

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Diary of a Tall Fashionista: Large Shoe Size, Great Shoe Buys

By Tiffany DeLangie - Tall Fashion Writer for Tall Clothing Mall
large shoesiconSoftspots - Montreal (Black Leather) - Footwear
My only solace that summer is over is that fall has come. And with it, ubiquitous fashion magazines boasting the season’s must haves, gotta haves, wish you had. While I generally pore over such magazines, I’m especially voracious for the shoe section. If jeans are my first love, shoes are a very close second. I won’t even admit to how many pairs I own, partly because I lost count quite some time ago. Due to my collection (“collection” sound so much nicer than “obsession” doesn’t it?!) I am always eager to read what the “experts” are saying about shoe trends and how to apply them to long legs, and let’s face it- big feet. Typically I write very favorably about our good fortune in the height department. But let’s be honest. Sometimes the price we pay is looking longingly at the size 8 section while cursing our genes, or if we are freaks of the family as I am, just cursing in general. But just because we have big feet, ahem…non petite feet, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the season’s hottest trends.

I could write a novel about the many styles, designs, trends, shapes, colors, textiles, genus, species, and families of shoes. And though it would be fascinating, I’ll spare you the delightful details. I’ll just talk about a few of my favorite styles. Now this one may be disputable, but my absolute favorite fall staple is a pair of warm, cozy, and comfortable Uggs. I’m aware that every fall, some fashion columnist deems Uggs “out.” Yet, I argue that this trend has staying power. People are still splurging on the real thing, or buying every kind of knock off known to man. So apparently their appeal has yet to wane. Next is the riding boot phenomenon. Who knew equestrian wear could be so fun? Like Uggs, I suspect there will be those who label these “so last season,” but again I beg to differ. Casual boots of all styles are a staple for your fall wardrobe.

What I appreciate most about both Uggs and riding boots are that they look great on long legs and big feet. Most women might avoid cutting the line of their legs nearly in half but we have a few inches to spare. Both of these styles also typically come in flats and large sizes. Another flattering trend for tall women is ballet flats which are showing up all over the place in fall textures like tweed, patent leather, and faux animal skins. I won’t lecture those of you who do not wear heels; I understand the temptation to avoid all the unoriginal comments about already being tall enough, not “needing” heels, the air up there, yada yada yada. Regardless, I am six feet tall and I refuse to give up heels. Um, does the word “glamazon” mean anything to you?!

For those of you who are a slightly bolder and like not only a high heel, but unexpected details, you will be pleased to find that of bows, jewels, peep-toes, updated oxfords, and retro shapes. To make your foot appear smaller try round toes, the recent “cap toe” trend, with the toe in a different color than the rest of the shoe (the caveat is these heels are typically higher), color blocks, and banded flats or Mary Jane’s. These styles break the foot into smaller parts and trick the eye. No ladies, there are no Spanx for feet. I googled it.

All advice aside, if you are obsessively self conscious about your feet…they will appear bigger (terribly silly pun intended). So the balance is to wear trends that flatter, but not focus on the negative. While I have a weakness for fashionable trends, I refuse to be enslaved by them. there are a variety of options in terms of large sizes, styles and trends, so shop around until you find the perfect pair (ok, let’s be realistic- the perfect pairs) for fall.

Visit Tall Clothing Mall. to see our women's large size shoe trends.

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Save on Tall Military Clothes

Until the end of the month save on tall military clothes. This pair of tall army pants is available in long and extra long lengths. Military Clothing is offering a discount coupon where the more you buy, the more you save. Spend $5 or more get a 10% discount. Spend $50 or more to get a 15% discount. Spend $100 or more to get a 20% discount. To get the discount, shop online at Military Clothing and enter discount code: 909NEWS at checkout. Expires 9/25/08.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Women's Layering T-Shirt

I love my layering t-shirts and wear one almost every day. Sometimes I wear it alone, but most often I wear it under another shirt, sweater or jacket. It helps to extend my wardrobe choices when I know that my torso will be covered at all times without having to worry about gapping between my shirt and pants. I love this layering t-shirt from Bella. It is made of rib knit and has a tight fit so you get coverage without the bulk. Choose from sizes S-2XL in 14 colors. $28. Other styles are also available. We have more layering t-shirts at Tall Clothing Mall.

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Get Our Tall Clothing Mall Blog Widget

Now you can share our Tall Clothing Blog Widget with all your tall friends. Grab this widget and post on your website, blog, facebook, myspace or anywhere you want. This widget will help add content to your website, and you can also view it to see when we have updated this blog. Just click at the bottom of our widget, copy and paste into your sidebar. Our Tall Clothing Mall Blog widget is found on the right side of this page.

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Women's Tall Long Sleeve T-Shirt

With the arrival of cooler weather, it's time to think about putting away some of our summer clothes and bringing out the fall clothes. One item that is a great transition piece, is this tall long sleeve t-shirt made of jersey cotton - a soft fabric that holds its' shape nicely for years. I love v-neck tall t-shirts as they are universally flattering on any body shape. This women's tall t-shirt comes in sizes MT-XLT and in 12 colors. $19.50 or save $7.50 when you buy any 3 Lands' End women’s tees, polos or turtlenecks in select styles.

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Save 30% on Lucky Brand Jeans

Now is the time to save on your Lucky Brand tall jeans during the Friends & Family Sale. Save 30% off jeans, t-shirts & more. To get the 30% exclusive discount enter coupon code: 8SAFF at checkout. Offer Expires 9-21-08. Get free shipping when you order $100 or more.
Lucky Brand Jeans

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Men's Tall Olympic Clothes Sale

I just noticed that Rochester Clothing has now marked down many of their men's big and tall Olympic clothes with discounts up to 50% off. They are really nice quality as they are made by Polo Ralph Lauren. To find the deals look in the section labeled new markdowns. Also, get shipping for $4.95 when you enter coupon code: AFFUSE at checkout.

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Monday, September 8, 2008

A Tribute To My Dad

For the most part, I try to not get too personal on this blog. However, I would like to share with you a little about my family. This past week I traveled to Utah because my mom was life flighted. She had a stroke, but is beginning to recover nicely from it. She has multiple problems and is getting a pacemaker today. It is hard, but I am hanging in there.
While here, I did manage to sneak away for a little while to attend the new ceremony of the Utah Peace Officer's Memorial. My dad - Doyle Thorne was a helicopter pilot for the Utah Highway Patrol. He died the day after my wedding while on a search for a missing toddler in the mountains. The toddler was found before my dad got there, and then my dad had a mechanical failure with his helicopter and it crashed in the mountains. After an extensive search, his body was found 3 days later. I am very proud of my dad. He was my strength and is my hero.
The state of Utah embarked upon making an outdoor memorial for all police officers in the state of Utah who died in the line of duty 2 years ago and Saturday it was finally dedicated. It was a beautiful ceremony. Here is the video about the memorial. I just want to give a reminder to everyone that sometimes we get frustrated with speeding tickets, etc., but just remember that many public workers give the ultimate sacrifice.


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Women's 37" Inseam Tall Jeans

This pair of skinny 37" inseam jeans with back flap pockets is stylish and affordable. The touch of spandex allows for comfortable movement. These tall jeans also come in 35" inseam lengths. Right now all denim at Alloy is 20% off until Sep 18th. Also get free shipping on Alloy orders over $25. Use code AHLAFF. Offer valid through 9.17.08.

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