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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Women's Tall Trench Coats

Every tall woman needs a tall trench coat. They are a nice layering piece for rainy or chilly days. This tall trench coat from Eddie Bauer has a modern print - perfect for Spring weather as it is fully lined and water repellent. It's available in two colors in saddle or steel in sizes MT-XLT.
View of special section of women's tall trench coats for similar styles.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Save an Extra 30% off Dillards Clearance

Starting today, save an extra 30% off all Dillards Clearance items. The discount is reflected on the online prices. Sale ends Jan 30, 2010. A few noteable for tall people include:

For tall women:

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Perfect Tall Jeans - By Self Magazine and Shown on the Today Show

You can get these tall jeans from New York & Company, however due to their popularity they are currently sold out. They expect to have more instock by February 18th. Their tall premium jeans have a 35" inseam length and come in sizes 0T-18T.

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Tall Teen Oufits What to Buy at Charlotte Russe has quite a few longer length tops for teens. They also have pants with 33" or 34" inseam lengths. The prices are quite inexpensive. Here are some items you can mix and match for many choices in tall teen outfits.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Please Answer Our Survey

I am looking for feedback on how to make Tall Clothing Mall and this blog more interactive and more informative. So, I would love your feedback about an online radio show.

As always, please email us your great finds or if you need help finding something, we are here for you.


Men's Big & Tall Levis - Buy One Get the 2nd 50% Off!

mens big & tall levis on sale

Kingsize has all of their men's big and tall levi jeans on sale. Buy one, get the 2nd for 50% off! Choose from many styles in 34" - 38" inseam lengths.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Tall Jean Leggings 37" Inseam

women's tall jean leggings 37 inseam

Jean like leggings are extremely popular right now. Alloy offers this pair of tall jean leggings with a 37" inseam. They are made of stretchy fabric and are low rise. Pair with a long tunic or sweater. Best of all there's a pair for everyone as they come in sizes S-3XL. Our website has more tall leggings.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Help Orphans in Haiti

I am going to share a personal post that is dear to my heart today. Some of you may know that I am a mother to four boys. My husband and I are adopting an orphan in Asia. She is now 6 months old and we hope to bring her home in the Spring.

Our adoption agency also works with orphans in Haiti. With the earthquake in Haiti, they still have not received word to the status of the 3 orphanages they work with in Haiti.
Here is our quote from an email from our agency "We work with an organization in Haiti called Foye, who has 3 orphanages in Haiti housing over 300 children from all ages. We are desperately trying to receive word on how the children in the orphanages are doing and the care givers that work to take care of these children every day. We have heard from a 3rd party that the infant/ toddler orphanage is still standing but have received no word on the other two that are very close to the children's hospital that collapsed."
If you would like to donate to help these orphans, my agency, FEC has created a paypal account to allow those interested in donating to the three orphanages they work with. Anyone who would like to donate can go to and click on the "Send Money" page. Enter their email address: and donate. As a 501c3 organization all donations are tax deductible and every penny will be used to get the supplies needed to their orphanages.
Even if you can't donate very much, a little here and there will go a long way! I want you to know that I practice what I preach, so I sent off a generous donation.

Thank you,

Today Only, Save 55% on Chip & Pepper Jeans

Chip and Pepper - Big Pickle (Chambord) - Apparel Chip and Pepper - Cesar 41 (Powder) - Apparel

Hurry over to, as today only Chip and Pepper jeans are 55% off ! This includes men's and women's tall designer jeans with inseams up to 36" long. Shipping is a flat rate of $6.95. Different offers are available daily on clothes and shoes. Offer ends 1/13/10.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Save an Extra 40% off Sale Items at Shop Goldyn

Japan Rose in Monteray Dark

Hurry on over to Shop Goldyn as you can save an additional 40% off all sale items with coupon code "ADD40". Shipping is free on orders of $100+. They have a few pairs of women's jeans with 34" inseam lengths. Sale ends Jan 31st, but sizes are limited and won't last long.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Men's Levi's® 559's Big & Tall Up to 38" Inseam

Levi's  - Big Tall 559 Relaxed Straight (Sub Zero) - Apparel

A popular pair of men's Levi jeans continues to be Levi's Big Tall 559. They are a straight leg jean with a relaxed style without being too loose through the rear or thigh. They look great on most any body type. Choose from 5 different color washes in 34"-38" inseam lengths. Get free overnight shipping on this pair available at

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Soft Surroundings Outlet

Get some excellent deals on women's tall clothing at Soft Surroundings Outlet. Plus, until January 31st, get free shipping on order order with coupon code "2211010". A few of my favorite items right now are:

women's tall robe
St. Kitts Tall Robe on sale for $69.99 was $118.50

women's tall dress
Athena Tall Dress on sale for $39.99 was $89.50

women's tall lounge pants 34 inseam
Knit Tall Lounge Pants 34" inseam on sale for $29.99 was $59.50
View more tall clothing outlet stores here.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tall Women's Used Tall Clothes Boutique

Today I can across a unique website called "No Heels Required". This tall boutique was started by Kim, a 6"2" tall woman. She sells used tall clothes for women as well as shoes. If you would like to sell items you are not using, you can even upload a picture and sell your used tall clothing. There is a $3 fee, but I think it's a brilliant idea!

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Men's Tall Workout Pants

Jan 2, 2010
It's a New Year which means it's time for goal setting. Many people make loosing weight/getting in shape their #1 goal. If this is on your list too, we want to help you look great while working out. Here is our updated list of men's tall workout pants.

If you tall guys have a great resource for extra tall nylon pants or any other tall athletic pants, please share with us in the comments below. Everyone wants them, but they are hard to find.

You may be interested to know, they we have updated the men's extra long athletic shorts with more styles.

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