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Friday, February 26, 2010

Save 30% at Eddie Bauer - Today Only

Eddie Bauer 90th Anniversary Event: 30% Off Everything, Saturday 2/27 only w/ code EB90TH

For today only, February 27th, save 30% off your entire purchase at Eddie Bauer including sale and clearance items. Enter coupon code "EB90TH" at checkout. This discount is to celebrate 90 years in business! Hurry as it ends at 11:59 pm EST.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Share With Me - Product Reviews & Interesting Tall People

I'm looking for:
  • Interesting Tall People to spotlight. If you know a tall person that is doing outstanding things in their community or has overcome great odds, please tell me about them.
  • More Giveaways - if you own a tall store and would like to sponsor a giveaway, this is a great way to advertise.
  • More Product Reviews - I love your feedback. If you know of a must have clothing item, please share it with me.
  • Any Other Ideas - Do you have any ideas for making Tall Clothing Mall the best it can be? Please share.

You may comment below this post or send off a private email to krista at tallclothingmall dot com.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tommy Bahama Big and Tall Pants 37" Inseam


Can we ever get enough Tommy Bahama clothes? They always fit and feel great. This pair of Tommy Bahama big and tall pants has an unhemmed inseam length of 37" inches. They are made of lightweight silk blended with bambo - perfect for traveling. They wisk moisture away and have a touch of wrinkle resistance. Waist sizes 32"-42". Purchase at

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Monday, February 22, 2010

The World's Tallest Teen Girl

Tall is popular! Have you seen all of the tall stories lately? Today Oprah, featured the world's tallest teen girl - Marvadene "Bubbles" Anderson. Bubbles is 6'10" tall.
She is from Jamaica, but moved to the United States last year in order to learn how to play basketball. She now plays for Rutgers Prep School girl's basketball team hopes to someday play in the WNBA.
"I want to be an inspiration to others," Bubbles says. "To all the tall people out there: Don't feel like you're alone. Just be happy and love yourself. Then, you'll get love from other people."
You can read the entire story on

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Martha Stewart Tall Show Recap

For those of you who may have missed the "Martha Stewart Tall Show", here is a recap.

  • Arianne Cohen, the author of "The Tall Book: A Celebration of Life From On High" discussed advantages tall people have such as, on average earning more than co-workers. She also claimed that people around the world have the same height potential, but that good nuturition and health can help you be taller. I'm not sure if I entirely agree with her height nutrition claims, but I haven't done enough research. It seems to be genetics in my family.
    Check out the website next time you are traveling. Fly on airlines that have at least 34" between seats to allow more leg room.
  • Lisa Butcher of Long Tall Sally put on a women's tall fashion show. To see the fashions featured on the show, click here.
  • Martha Stewart showed the butcher block kitchen counter we previously blogged about.
  • Alain Roby, a pastry chef, made a very tall cake.

I enjoyed the show, but would have liked to have more discussion with tall people and issues we face or advantages we enjoy! I would have loved to be there!
What did you think of the show?

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

My Thoughts Exactly!

Great advice for all of us!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Martha Stewart Show - Tall Show Feb 18th.

Thanks to the Tall Girl Secrets Blog- as I just read that tomorrow Feb 18th, the Martha Stewart show is dedicated to all of us people 6 feet or taller. View the trailer here, it looks like a lot of fun. Plus, Long Tall Sally's Lisa Butcher will be having a fashion show. View the listing times here.
I just checked my listing to record it, but it looks like on Dish it's showing on my local time on Friday morning at 1 a.m.

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Women's Tall Jeans: for Tall Women with Curves

10% Off PZI Jeans Use Code PZ10-AFL Shop Now

Our newest partner store is PZI Jeans. They have a large selection of women's tall jeans in 38" inseams (choose X-long inseam), 36" inseams (choose long inseam) and 34" inseams (choose regular inseam). These jeans claim to be great for tall women with curves. They say they have no gaps in the waist, but more room in the hips, rear and thighs. Sizes range from 4-18. Get free shipping on orders of $100+. Visit PZI Jeans!
View more women's tall jeans at Tall Clothing Mall.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Today Only, Save 25% at Banana Republic

Hurry on over to Banana Republic for their one day President's Day sale. Save 25% on all regular priced merchandise. Enter coupon code "PRESDAY25" at checkout. This offer expires today, Feb 15, 2010.

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Who Sells Women's Tall Scrubs?

Today I got an email from Rene, asking me where to find tall scrubs. Her office wears purple ones by Baby Phat, and apparently they don't make them in tall anymore. So, here are a few suggestions I have for you.
Tafford sells womens tall scrubs with a 34" inseam.

I think these Elastic Flare Leg Tall Scrubs look more flattering than most. 34" Inseam

Scrubs & Beyond sells women's tall scrubs with a 33" inseam, a 33.5" inseam or their unhemmed ultra talls come in a 36" inseam length.

Landau unisex scrub pant.

Urbane sling pocket scrub pants.
Although not available in purple, this pair of Urbane sling pocket tall scrub pants. has a 34.5" inseam.
Great news! Mainely Scrubs lets you choose your tall scrubs up to 37" long.

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Are you a Tall Chef?

One of my tall friends Jheri, told me about a new product invented by her friend Colleen, a 6'6" tall woman. It's a butcher block cutting board on legs. You place it on your counter and it helps you be more comfortable when cooking. If interested you can purchase this product here. Mention "colleenification" for a special.
Visit Colleen's blog - at

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Share Your Favorite Tall Stores

Today I'd like you to show me your favorite tall stores and places to find longer length clothing. If you own a tall store, today's the day to share it!
Use Mister Linky below and it will automatically be added below.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Jeff & Erin's Save the Date

I just saw the following video over at Sarah Vain & Tall's Blog. I think it's well done and worth watching.

My husband is 2 inches taller than me. When I was dating height was really important to me and I really stressed out that "Mr. Right" may end up being shorter than me. It was a big deal to me. Two of my best "tall friends" have married shorter guys and they are just as happy as anyone I know. Love often comes unexpected and I think we put too much emphasis on looks or the world's defination of what is right or wrong.
I think the video above took guts and is well made. I'm proud of them for wanting to proclaim their love for each other to the world. Let's hear what you think about tall women marrying shorter guys.

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Super Bowl Weekend Sales

We are finding lots of retailers are offering special "Super Bowl Sales" this weekend. Here is a list of the deals:

Visit the sale pages at Tall Clothing Mall for more deals.

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Slimming Tall Skirt

slimming women's tall skirt

We love items that make you look slimmer. Above is a Shape fx® shape and slim tall skirt with a built-in power-mesh control slip to smooth tummy through thighs. It's made of a polyester/rayon blended with 2-way stretch spandex for a smooth, shape-retaining fit and ultimate comfort. This a a brown plaid skirt, which is a nice neutral color that can be combined with a variety of colors. Sizes 4T-18T. It is currently on sale - save $20!

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Big and Tall Dress Shirt

For the month of February, save 15% off orders of $100+ at Paul Fredrick MenStyle! Enter coupon code "FZBBLS". Pictured above is a big and tall dress shirt made of luxury 140's cotton satin with stripe. It is available with extra long shirt tails and up to size 20" neck with 37" sleeve lengths.

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