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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Women's Socks for Big Feet

After finding socks for men's big feet, the women have requested the same. I am still looking for more choices, but so far here are some stores that sell women's socks for big feet.
Women's Gold Toe socks in size 10-12 at Amazon
World's Softest Socks in sizes 10-12 at Just My Size Years ago I used to wear these socks as I could get them locally, but haven't been able to find them in years. These socks are incredibly soft and comfortable.
Extra wide socks at One Stop Plus Fit sizes 11-13
Comfort Choice® 3-pack crew socks with patterns fits shoes size 12-13 at one stop plus
Comfort Choice® 6-pack multi-textured trouser socks fit shoes size 12-13 at one stop plus
The following are women's socks for big feet found at

Thorlos - Walking Crew 6-Pair Pack (White) - HosieryInjinji - Performance Series Mini-Crew (3 Pair Pack) (Pink) - HosieryInjinji - Performance Series Mini-Crew (3 Pair Pack) (Royal Sky) - HosieryWrightsock - Coolmesh Quarter Double Layer 6-Pair Pack (Pink) - HosieryWigwam - Diabetic Walker 6-Pair Pack (White) - HosieryFitzwell - Hiker L/W Quarter 3-Pair Pack (Navy) - HosierySmartwool - PhD Ski Medium 3-Pair Pack (Black Multi Stripe) - HosieryDeFeet - Cush 4-Pair Pack (Mach 1 White) - HosieryTeko - Ecomerino Women's Ski Medium 3-Pair Pack (Della) - HosieryDeFeet - AirEator 4-Pair Variety Pack (1-Polka Dot, 1-Rally USA, 1-Scattered Peaces, 1-Skull Board) - HosieryDeFeet - AirEator 4-Pair Variety Pack (1-Wecycle, 1-Slow & Steady, 1-Ride Forever, 1-Draggin) - HosieryFox River - Impel Quarter Ingeo Allsport 6-Pair Pack (Pink) - Hosiery

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Save 25% on Women's Tall Designer Jeans

Hurry on over to to save 25% off your favorite pair of tall designer jeans. Enter coupon code: 25DAY to get the discount. Get free ground shipping for US orders. This is a one day sale that ends at midnight 12/31/08. The following brands are excluded: Hudson, Joes, Tag, James, Signorelli, CC Skye, Lana Jewelry, Gold Hawk, Raw 7, Kasil, William Rast and People's Liberation. Here are my picks:
Aristocrat Hutton Wide Leg Pant in Normandy
Aristocrat Denim Wide Leg Jeans 35" Inseam

7 for All Mankind A Pocket Jean in Dark Havana
7 for All Mankind A Pocket Jean 35" Inseam
Kasil Jeans Devious Fit 36" Inseam

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Socks for Men's Extra Big Feet

Need socks that fit? One of the best places to find socks for extra big feet for men is at as they have a special section just for big and tall socks. They sell big and tall dress socks, athletic socks, socks that keep your feet cool and specialized socks that are made for skiing and snowboarding. Shipping is free on orders of $70 or more.
Seirus Hyperlite Stormsock 2915Under Armour Heatgear's 2-A-Day Lo-Cut Sock 3102uaWigwam Coolmax Liner Socks f2161

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Men's Walls Carpenter Jeans with 38" Inseam

Walls Men’s Carpenter Jeans – Stone Washed
If you need men's jeans in a 38" inseam length, here is another pair I just discovered. This pair of Walls Men’s Tall Carpenter Jeans comes in various inseam lengths including 34", 36" and 38" inseam lengths. Waists start at 32". It is a relaxed style with room with side pockets for all your tools. They are a bargain at only $22.99.

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Amazon Has Slashed Prices on Many Women's Tall Jeans

Get some incredible deals with savings up to 70% on many tall jeans at Amazon.
Wrangler Women's Tulsa Low Rise Slim Fit Straight Leg Jeans (Dark) from $9.60 in 34", 36" or 38" inseams
Wrangler Women's Tulsa Low Rise Slim Fit Boot Cut Jean, Sindigo from $14.40 in 34" or 36" inseams
Buffalo Jeans Women's Dahlia Low Rise Wide Leg Jean sale $32.40 save 70% in 33" inseam

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Plus Size Clothing - After Christmas Sales

There are some great after Christmas sale on plus size clothing including this one:
Take an additional 50% off FINAL SALE ITEMS at with the Coupon Code: SANTA50. Offer ends 12/31/08. They are one of the trendiest plus size clothing stores around.

Rachel Wrap Top was $52 on sale for $36 with another 50% off = $18

Center Gathered Top was $62 on sale for $43 with additional 50% off = $21.50

5th Avenue Dress was $128 sale $89 plus additional 50% off = $44.50
Visit, Tall Clothing Mall for more plus size after Christmas sales.

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After Christmas Sale at Ivy Blue

This is one after Christmas sale that is not to be missed. Save an additional 60% off all sale clothing at with coupon code: save60 through January 1, 2009. They carry women's designer clothing and their are many tall designer jeans on sale! So hurry to get some really good deals as sizes are limited.

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Friday, December 26, 2008

Men's Columbia Tall Coat on Sale

I don't know how, but somehow this Fall I lost the outer shell to my winter coat. I've been trying to get by with my jacket, but it is way too cold now. So I finally found my replacement. It's a men's Columbia tall coat (item 8CC-903192). It's a 3 in one system parka that has great reviews. I usually buy a men's tall coat rather than a womens as it fits my arms better and I find Columbia to be a terrific brand for skiing and sledding with my children. It is now on sale for $129.95 was $189.95.

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Tall Clothing Sale for Women

Save during The Annual Winter Sale at Spiegel with savings up to 75% off and save an additional 30% off the entire site until Dec 28 with coupon code: 278. Some restrictions apply. They carry lots women's tall clothing.
Here are a few of my favorite picks and remember to take an additional 30% off the prices below.

Shape fx® Two-Way Stretch Control Tall Dress sale $39 was $59

Shape Fx® Garbo Tall Leggings sale $29 was $39

Shape fx® Shirred Skirted Long Torso Swimsuit sale $39 was $69

Modal® Jersey Long Skirt sale $49 was $59
More tall clothing sales for women at Tall Clothing Mall.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Men's Tall Custom Made Dress Shirts

I would like to introduce you to our newest partner -indiTailored. You can get custom made dress shirts that fit perfectly for tall men. It is like having your own special tailor without the hassle of having to go there. I am amazed at how easy of a process it is to order from them. First choose your style- tailored or classic fit. Choose your fabric, collar, cuff, placket, back style, pocket style, add a monogram if you desire. Next add your measurements. Necks measurements are available to 20" and sleeve lengths to 40". Whether you are tall and thin, or tall and husky, it allows you customize the fit to your liking. indiTailored will also store your measurements so that you can reorder easily.
Look Good - WITHOUT the Hassle
For more men's custom clothing, visit Tall Clothing Mall.

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Women's Tall Designer Clothing Sale

CoutureCandy: Joes Jeans, J Brand, Seven Jeans
For a limited time save on all the hottest women's designer clothing brands when you take an additional 25% OFF almost everythings at Some brands are excluded, see site for details. Sale ends Dec 29th.

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Monday, December 22, 2008

Last Chance for Overnight Shipping in Time for Christmas

If you have procrastinated shopping until the last possible second, here are the stores that offer overnight shipping and the deadline for your orders, or egift cards that can be sent by email.
Alloy overnight order by 12/23 @ 1pm ET order egift card by Dec 24 you can even print a gift card out on your own computer for more personalization. egift Dec 24
Eddie Bauer egifts Dec 24 5pm ET all shipping Dec 23 @ 5:15 PT overnight Dec 23 @ 12 PT
Jos A Bank egift card Dec 23 egift Dec 23
Lucky Brand Jeans overnight Dec 23 @ 11am PT
New York & Company overnight Dec 23 egift Dec 24
Nordstrom overnight Dec 23 @12PT egift Dec 23 overnight Dec 23 @ 12PT overnight Dec 23@ 10am MST overnight Dec 23 9PM PT, egift Dec 23
Rochester Clothing overnight order by 12/23 @ 2pm ET and get $10 shipping with orders of $200 or more. egift Dec 24 overnight Dec 23 @ 11am ET egift Dec 24
Westport Big & Tall overnight Dec 23 @ 2pm EST overnight Dec 23@ 1pm PT, egift Dec 24

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Women's Tall Clothes Sale - 50% Off

50% off the entire site and free shipping
Starting today until next Wednesday, Dec 24th, everything at New York & Company is 50% off! Everything on their site is included- purses, jewelry, belts, sunglasses and of course women's tall clothes! Shipping is free on orders of $75 and more when you enter coupon code: 2665. Or if you want it there by Christmas, if you order by 1 PM (EST) on Saturday, get a free upgrade to FedEx ground shipping when you pay the standard fed ex shipping rates.
City Stretch Jacket in Solid Black - Tall
City Stretch Tall Jacket in Solid Black
sale $29.97
The Fit & Flare Pant - Tall
The Fit & Flare Tall Pant
35" inseam sale $18.47
ComfortZone Velour Pant - Tall
ComfortZone Tall Velour Pant
34" inseam sale $14.97
Battery Park Denim Trouser - Tall
Battery Park Tall Denim Trouser
35" inseam sale $22.47

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Big and Tall Clothing Sale

Save on name brand big and tall clothing at Rochester Clothing as everything is 30% off! That includes sale and clearance clothing too. Some big and tall clothes are already reduced 80%. Save an additional $50 off purchases of $400 or more with coupon code: HOLIDAY at checkout. If you want it there for Christmas, they are running a shipping special. Pay the regular ground shipping rate and receive upgraded 2 day shipping when you select 2 day air at checkout. Hurry as sale ends Dec 21. Discount will appear after you place item in cart. Here are my picks that include the extra 30% off.
Rochester 1906 South Loop Hooded Fleece Robe (#67165) $17.50 was $100
Callaway Golf Cotton Lisle Tall Polo ( #52587) $35 was $100
Tommy Bahama Santa Cruz Woven Boat Shoes (#M1378) $68.25 was $195
Polo Ralph Lauren Navy Panther Tall Shirt ( #68519) $29.75 was $85
Joseph Abboud Classic Jeans 38" Inseaam (#66355) $51.45 was $98
Calvin Klein Harvest Diry Wash Easy Fit Tall Jeans in 36" or 38" Inseam (#66417) $80.50 was $115

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Save 30% at Shopbop

For 2 days only save 30% off full-priced items at when you enter coupon code: HOLIDAYLOVE at checkout. This is a great discount for designer brand clothing as it doesn't go on sale very often. Also, get free shipping. Now might be the time to pick up a pair of tall pants or a pair of True Religion Jeans, J Brand jeans, or a pair of 7 for All Mankind. This sale ends at 11:59 p.m. on Dec 17.
7 For All Mankind Long Boot Cut Stretch Jean

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Jos A. Bank Super Tuesday Sale - Save Half off Almost Everything

Today save 50% off almost everything at Jos. A Bank's Super Tuesday Sale (excluding gift cards and shoes). Also get free shipping on orders of $175 or more.

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Monday, December 15, 2008

34.5" Inseam Women's Tall Designer Jeans

William Rast is a great brand for women's tall designer jeans. They are great fitting and stylisth. This pair of William Rast jeans has a 34.5" inseam in a straight leg with a dark wash. Get free shipping on this item.
William Rast Sadie Straight Leg Little Pony

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Men's 38" Inseam Cargo Pants on Sale

Hurry on over to as they have a few sizes left of Dockers 38" inseam cargo pants on sale for only $39.99 (was $58). Sizes are limited as they only have waist sizes 34", 36" and 38". Choose from 3 colors. We all know that men's extra tall cargo pants are hard to find, so hurry before they sell out.

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