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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Labor Day Shoe Sale

Save on shoes for the whole family at with 2 incredible coupons. Save $15 off all orders of $40 or more when you enter coupon code: EMLLABORDAY. Or save 20% off your order when you enter coupon code: LD2008. Both coupons expire 9/1/08.

For more Labor Day Sales and coupons, visit the sale pages at Tall Clothing Mall.

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Correct Your Posture Shoes

One problem I frequently see among tall people is poor posture. Perhaps some of us feel self-conscious therefore trying to appear shorter. Or, maybe we have just gotten into bad habits formed by a lack of furniture that fits us well. When you have good posture, you appear more confident, slimmer and proud of your height. Today I came across 2 pairs of women's shoes that have new technology that corrects your posture and helps alleviate back, muscle and joint pain. The negative heel technology also stimulates your leg muscles helping you burn more calories. Don't we all need that? The first pair of shoes is the Earth Felicity Slings featuring subtle embroidered detailing. The second is a pair of Earth Echelon Mary Janes a stylish option for today's sophisticated woman. Both pairs are available to size 12.

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Friday, August 29, 2008

Fashion Chateau Labor Day Sale

Now is the time to pick up some tall lounge pants with inseams up to 39" long, tall designer jeans or tall pants during the Labor Day Sale at - where you can take $75 off orders of $300 or more when you enter coupon code: LABORDAY08 at checkout. This is a terrific coupon deal. Check out the sale section to save the most. The items below are on sale.
Rebel Yell Marine Green L.A. Yoga Pant Taverniti So Carnaby 22 in Dark Blue Tracy Reese Watered Berry Wrap Cardigan

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Where to Find Shirts for Tall Thin Men

So, we have covered where to find jeans for the tall thin men. But, where does a tall, thin man find shirts that have extra length, but not extra width? Here is my list:
1. Get a shirt custom made in your exact measurements.
2. JCPenney's Men's Tall Department has men's tall sizes, and exta tall sizes starting at MT.
3. Lands' End Men's Tall Sizes (use the tall size finder) shirts start at MT and sleeves are available up to 36" or 37" lengths.
4. Gap Men's Tall Shirts casual shirts and t-shirts starting with MT.
5. Old Navy Men's Tall Department is available online only and has tall shirts starting at MT.
6. Travelsmith's Long Sizes has men's tall travel shirts starting at size LT.
7. Eddie Bauer Slim Fit Shirts are perfect for tall slim men, with sizes starting at MT.
8. The Savile Row Company in London - choose your style of dress shirt and then you can have 1" or 2" of added length to the sleeves. This is a great option for a normal sized man with long arms.
If anyone else has any recommendations add them in the comments below this post.

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Men's Nautica Tall Bomber Jacket

This Nautica tall bomber jacket (item #88036) is lightweight with a full zipper, covered-placket mockneck and covered side pockets. Elasticized insets in hem and cuffs allow for an adjustable fit. Signature "Nautica Challange" embroidery on left sleeve and emboridered J-Class logo on right sleeve. Cotton poplin. Machine wash. Choose from white or navy in sizes XLT-4XLT $148. Get $4.95 shipping at Casual Male XL when you enter LSHIP at check out!

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Labor Day Sale at Monterey Bay

Monterey Bay Clothing Company (shop the
Shop the Labor Day sale at Montery Bay where all clearance items have been reduced another 65% off. Items on sale include clothes, jewelry, accessories, and shoes!
Soft Leather Tall Blazer clearance $70 save 65%
Fits Like a Dream Tall Dress clearance $17.50 save 82%
Long on Elegance Necklace clearance $17.50 was $49.99
Sand and Shore Tote clearance $21.99 was $59.99
Paradise Found Necklace clearance $10.50 was $49 icon
New Balance Slip On Shoes size 12 clearance $14 was $59.99
Horn Leather Slip On Shoe many sizes available up to size 12WW clearance $10.50 was $59.99
Suzanne Suede Wedge Shoe available to size 12W clearance $7 was $34.99

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Shopbop Coupon

Get some new designer tall jeans, clothes or accessories and save some money. From now until August 27 at 11:59 PST, the more you spend, the more you save at Spend $150, get $25 off. Spend $300, get $50 off, $500 gets you $100 off, and $1,000 gets you a whopping $250 off. Just use code BOPFORFALL at checkout. Go ahead. Kick summer to the curb and say "hello" to Fall. They also have free ground shipping!

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More Choices in Women's Tall Sizes

I am so happy to announce that Old Navy now has women's tall sizes in sizes 0-20. Yeah, more choices in tall clothing for us tall women! They have always had long sizes with 34" inseam, but now they have TALL sizes with 36" inseams. Not only do they have tall pants and jeans, but they also cary tall shirts, sweaters, outerwear, skirts, dresses and tall activewear including longer length workout tops. Plus their prices are affordable! But, don't bother finding them in their stores, tall sizes are excluseively found online only!
Women: Women's Fold-Over Yoga Pants - Dark NightWomen: Women's Yoga Camis - Dark NightWomen: Women's Belted Shirt Dresses - Khaki
Women: Women's High Rise "The Goddess" Skinny Jeans - Pattie BlueWomen: Women's Color Block Cardigans - CyclamenWomen: Women's Essential Wide-Leg Trousers - Heather Gray

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Men's Tall Oufit Perfect for a Casual Outdoor Dinner

Where I live this is a perfect acceptable outfit for a tall man to wear to an outdoor dinner party. First impressions are everything and this oufit states you are a confident man. If you arrive and feel too stuffy in the tall blazer, remove it and the striped tall shirt underneath is a great look. The long rise jeans come in lengths from 32" to 38" inseams.

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Women's Tall Jean Jacket

Tall Sandwashed Jean Jacket  - Blue
This tall jean jacket is a gem. It is the perfect length to be worn as a duster. The figure flattering details include sandblasted denim, lapel collar, brass-button placket, front and back yokes, back double-kick pleat and button cuffs. The waistband comes in creating a nice waist. Contrast topstitching finishes the fashionable look. Dark cotton denim with spandex stretch. It comes in tall sizes 2-18. For more women's tall jackets, visit Tall Clothing Mall.

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Rei Labor Day Sale Camping Gear
Save up to 30% off during the Labor Day Sale at REI. But, if you want the best deals, they just discounted all items in their super clearance section at REI and REI-Outlet by an additional 50% off. Items on sale include some tall clothes and shoes for men. Ship your order to your closest store for free shipping.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kasil Women's High Rise Jeans 36" Inseam

I am loving this designer jean with a 36" inseam length. The tiny touch of elastic gives you a bit of move while still maintaining the shape. This is a pair of boot-cut jeans in a slimming dark wash. The back pockets feature Kasil's signature "v" on back pocket with pick stitch detail.
Hannah High Rise (search by name)
For more women's tall jeans, visit Tall Clothing Mall.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Women's 3/4 Sleeve Wrinkle Free Tall Shirt

What do I hate to do more than luandry? Ironing! Who has the time? With 4 kids I certainly don't. However, I do like to look fresh and put together at a moment's notice. This 3/4 sleeve wrinkle free tall shirt is one of my favorite new finds. I can easily mix and match it to a skirt, tall pants, a denim skirt or jeans for a put together look without any work. There are many great patterns to choose from: pink stripe, shell pink stripe, pink paisley, light blue stripe or brown paisley. Available in sizes 6T-18T for $49.50 from Lands' End (item #31478-2A56)

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Polo Ralph Lauren Big & Tall Jeans in 36" or 38" Inseam

Polo Ralph Lauren jeans are always in style and look great on anyone. This is a classic 5 pocket style with a medium wash. Choose from a 36" or 38" inseam.
Polo Ralph Lauren Big & Tall Jeans(item #87472)

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Women's Extra Long Sleeve T-Shirt

With it's all over varying colors shades, this ombre t-shirt is gorgeous! We saw this trend emerge this Summer and much to our delight it is continuing into Fall. Choose from 6 stunning color choices. Extra Long Sleeve Scoop Neck Top - w/Allover Ombre
Get free ground shipping on every purchase now until 8.31.08 at C&C California when you enter coupon code: FREE808 at checkout.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Save up to 80% off Big & Tall Shirts

For the next few days, Kohls is having a great clearance sale on big and tall shirts with discounts up to 80% off. Sizes and colors are really limited. I combed through all of them and here are the big and tall shirts that are on clearance and the sizes available:

1. Size 3XLT $9
2. 2 colors in sizes 2XLT & 3XLT $14.40
3. Size 3XLT $12.60
4. Sizes 2XLT & 3XLT $13.80
5. In 5 colors in sizes 2XLT & 3XLT $14.40
6. Size 3XLT $12.60

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Women's Tall Leather Pants 35" Inseam

Tall leather pants are sexy and fun. Newport News has a few pairs of tall leather pants. This pair has a 35" inseam in a traditional cut that eases through the hips and thighs and has a slightly tapered leg. Now on sale for $59 save $30. 6T-18T

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Women's Tall Outfits

Eddie Bauer's shop by outfit feature is easy to use and takes the guesswork out of wondering what items match and look great together. Choose from casual, active casual, or dress casual outfits. All of their items are available in tall sizes. This women's tall outfit consists of an embroidered short sleeve pullover, 35" inseam boot-cut corduroy pants, a belt and tall leather boots.

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Men's Extra Long Political Ties & Flag Ties

Show your American pride by wearing an extra long political tie. My husband wore a flag tie today and told everyone it was his Michael Phelps tie. Everyone loved that! Flag ties are great for political events or holidays such as Veteran's Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, or the 4th of July. Any day you want to show your patriotism is a great day to wear a flag tie.

Men's Long Election '08 Necktie choose from Republican or Democrat $39.50

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Women's Wide & Extra Wide Calf Boots

You've looked everywhere for stylish boots, but you can't find any for your athletic calves. What's a fashionable woman to do? Never fear, our newest parter - carries the largest selection of women's wide calf boots on the Internet. Their sizes range from 6-13 in flat heels to high heels. Even though they carry some of the largest wide calf boots on the market, their styles can even be altered to enlarge them further if needed. Before you order, make sure you take proper measurements found on their how to measure guide.

Ilana - EXTRA WIDE Calf Boot.......... Savannah - EXTRA WIDE Calf Boot
by Ros Hommerson (Black)................... by David Tate (Brown)

Click here to see our women's shoe trends page.

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Polo Ralph Lauren Big and Tall Baseball Cap

Have you ever tried to find a hat that would fit a big head? Stylish large hats are a rare find. Here is the answer to your quest. This Polo Ralph Lauren big and tall baseball cap comes in your choice of 3 great colors - navy, derby blue or green. It is made from durable washed cotton chino and features six-panel construction with a seamed bill. The grommet eyelets provide ventilation and an embroidered logo polo player accents the front. Best of all it is now on sale for $17.50 save 50%.
***This hat is now sold out, but I have added more big and tall baseball caps at Big Hats for Big Heads blog post.

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