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Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Resolutions - Make Them?

So tomorrow starts a new year. To be completely honest, I am OVERJOYED to start 2010! For our family 2009 was the pits! Yes, we have a lot to be thankful for, but 2009 was exhausting physically, mentally, and financially. As a lot of the country experienced, my husband suffered a job change, 2 knee surgeries and we now own 2 houses thanks to the lovely economy!
There are some bright spots in our year - the highlight being that after almost 3 years of waiting we finally have an infant daughter in our family that will be bringing home from Asia in 2010! Yes, I will have a short daughter - but that's fine! We are an equal opportunity family. She will be joining the crazy mix of 4 big brothers. I did my job of repopulating the world with 4 tall boys that will someday turn into 4 tall men! You tall women can thank me later!
So, looking back on 2009, I set a few goals a.k.a New Year's resolutions. They mostly involve finding more time for the important things in my life. I want to be able to work smarter and not harder in order to spend more time with my precious children. Of course, I would also like to lose a few (or more than a few) pounds (dang it) and feel healthier this next year.

So, I thought I'd see how you do with setting goals.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Rochester Big & Tall Sale


The Rochester Big & Tall Semi Annual Sale has started. The site says you can save up to 50% on quality name brand big and tall clothes, but we have found discounts up to 75% off! Pictured above is a Levi's big and tall t-shirt on sale for $19.50.

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Some of the Best After Christmas Deals Tall Clothes

There are some incredible After Christmas Deals on tall clothes. Here are some of the best deals:

Executive 2-Button Micro Corded Sportcoat
Jos A Bank : Executive 2-Button Micro Corded Sportcoat
in Long Sizes on sale for $29.25
save 90%!


Save 60% off your entire order at with code ""WKH8237". (The discount will appear during checkout.) The coupon also works on already reduced outlet items too! Shipping starts at $5.95. Coupon ends December 28. This makes the above pair of tall velveteen jeans only $25.98 (was $64.95). They have a 36" inseam and are also available in tall, plus sizes.

View more After Christmas Sales on Tall Clothes.

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Friday, December 25, 2009

And The Winner Is....

Congratulations go out to the winner of our drawing for a $40 gift certificate for eShakti's custom made clothing for women. Drum roll please.....
The winner is #6
She said...
"I love the Ruffle layer neck wrap tunic!"
December 18, 2009 12:50 PM

Congrats and Merry Christmas!
We will have a new contest starting January 1st, so check back for details.

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Today's the Last Day to Enter Our Contest

Today is the last day to enter our contest giveaway for a $40 gift card for women's custom made clothing courtesty of Don't forget to enter here by adding a comment.

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Tall Clothing Mall Blog's Disclosure

Due to the changing rules on online blogs and businesses, Tall Clothing Mall, LLC has created our disclosure. I know it's long, but bear with me.

Tall Clothing Mall incorporates several aspects of revenue that I felt like I should make it comprehensive as well as take the opportunity to share what Tall Clothing Mall and this blog are all about.

Full Disclosure:
To be in compliance with the recent FTC ruling that bloggers need to disclose if they are being paid or compensated for their posts, the following is my full disclosure policy and how I do business on Tall Clothing Mall Blog:
  • Tall Clothing Mall, LLC owns Tall Clothing Mall Blog and it is a blog written and edited by me, Krista Mayne and from time to time, other guest posters. It's sole purpose is to help tall people and plus size people find clothes that fit and help them look and feel fabulous!
  • I take great pride in being one of the most comprehensive resources for tall women and tall men by showing you which tall clothing stores and other stores sell long length items, or other clothing items you can add to your wardrobe. By creating an online "Tall Clothing Mall", we hope to give you sense of community and make your shopping experience easy.
  • I spend a crazy amount of time working on this website and blog. Naturally, I have to make some grocery money to justify the crazy number of hours I work helping everyone out. Therefore, Tall Clothing Mall, LLC accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions and other forms of compensation. For example, many of the links you click on that take you to other stores for shopping, pay me a small commission for the referral. Also, you’ll know when I do a paid post because it will be distinguished as a ”sponsored” or paid post. All compensation agreed upon is for my time to create the content. My time is valuable!
  • I will never be influenced by any form of compensation. I have strong opinions and integrity, therefore I will be honest in my judgment and recommendations to my readers. You can be assured that if I don’t love the product, or think it's old fashioned or outdated, – I won’t promote them.  Providing quality and relevant content for my readers is extremely important to me and can be expected on Tall Clothing Mall about 5 days a week.
  • I do participate in fun giveaways with companies that I love. From time to time, I may be given the opportunity to try out the product for free too. I always disclose that I received a free product to try out. Often, we offer giveaways, without us receiving anything too! I will always write my honest opinions and experiences. The opinions expressed by me on this blog or in social media are purely my own. 
For questions about this website, feel free to contact me directly at admin at tallclothingmall dot com.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

E Gift Cards for Tall People

If you are still in need of a last minute gift for someone tall, or for anyone (we don't discriminate), there are still a few options. For the ultimate last minute gift, send an egift card by email or print one off on your print and place in a card.

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Women's Tall Teen Outfit: What to Wear Casual

Most teens that we know, don't have a lot lot of money for clothes. So, we recommend, buying clothing that fits well, yet is affordable. That way you can mix it up with other pieces without breaking the bank. Today we feature an outfit is perfect for hanging out at home or with friends.

The trendy plaid tunic is a long length of 31" long. It has rolltab sleeves, so no worry about sleeves being long enough. XS-3XL.

Everyone needs a comfy, yet stylish pair of jeans. We like Alloy's Revolt rhinestone bootcut tall jeans with 37" inseam and flattering mid-rise. Sizes 1-25.

To finish off this outfit, add an affordable Mossimo large pocket hobo bag and your choice of short boots or a super comfy pair of weekend shoes by Privo.

You may also like our post on women's tall outfit: what to wear skiing on our Tall Snob Blog. Be sure and email us your tall style requests and we will be happy to help you figure out what to wear.

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Men's Extra Long Athletic Pants 37" Inseam

I get lots of requests for men's extra long athletic pants. Many are having great success with these this pair of men's tall athletic pants with 37" inseams. You can choose to have them with or without cuffs. They come in a variety of sizes from MT-10XLT.

Other extra long athletic pants include:
  • Big and Tall World's tall fleece sweatpants with 37" inseam. Choose from cuffs, or no cuffs. Sizes MT-10XLT.
  • JCPenney's Fleece Open Ankle Pants choose the extra tall sizes. Not sure of the inseam length, but their extra talls can sometimes be around 37" long. LT-5XLT
  • JCPenney's Fleece Elastic Ankle Pants choose the extra tall sizes LT-3XLT
  • Vertical Athletics Got Game Pants - supposed to be for people over 6'2". Here are the inseams - M-34", L-34.5", XL-35", XXL 35.5" .
  • Vertical Athletics MVP Pants - supposed to be for people over 6'2" L-2XL.

Eastbay's Tearaway Pants 35" inseam in various colors MT-XLT

You tall guys, if you have a great resource for extra tall nylon pants or any other tall athletic pants, please share with us in the comments below. Everyone wants them, but they are hard to find.

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gift Cards for Tall People

gift ideas for tall people nordstrom gift card

It's getting close to Christmas. Do you need some gift ideas for tall people? You can't go wrong with a gift card or an egift card. That way they can pick out whatever they want.
We have a nice selection of gift cards and egift cards.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Today Only Save 25% at Gap

Men: Clean straight fit plain front pants - true black

Today only, save 25% off sitewide at with code "HOORAH". Yesterday they had a coupon end that was 20% off, so this is a great deal! Shipping is a flat rate of $7 and coupon ends today, December 16th.

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Win $40 Gift Card for Women's Custom Clothing

On Christmas Day we are giving away a $40 gift card courtesy of They sell affordable women's custom made clothing in pants, coats, dresses, skirts, shirts and much more. Their size range is great from size 0-26.

I recently was given the opportunity to get a free item on their website for see how their ordering process works. I chose this coat:

Here is my honest review. I thought the coat fit perfectly. The measuring process was easy and in the comment section I was even able to tell them the exact length I wanted. After getting this coat, I probably would have chosen a different style as the collar was a bit large and doesn't lay down quite flat. I will fix this by adding a snap. I like that it is lined inside. The wool is not as heavy as I would have like as I live in Colorado and it's pretty cold here. I also would have liked to have some pockets. I thought the sewing and seaming are high quality. Overall I am pleased and will use this as a dress coat for church and other dressy occasions (when it's not below zero outside). I ordered the custom made coat and it came to my house by UPS and arrived exactly 7 days after I ordered it. I was impressed at the speed.

Now is Your Chance to Enter the Contest for $40 in women's custom made clothing.
How to Enter the Giveaway
Enter Once:
Head on over to eShakti and browse through their website. Let me know in a comment below, what custom made item(s) you absolutely love. It's as simple as that.

For a Second Entry:
Mention this giveaway on your site and put a link to it. Then come back here and add another comment after this entry to a link of where you have entered it on your website or blog. Then you have earned 2 entries ( and some free press for your blog, etc).

Third Bonus Entry:
Do a Twitter post or Facebook post about the giveaway and then enter another comment below, with a link. Wow, you've just earned 3 chances to win.

The giveaway is open to everyone and you can enter until midnight on Christmas Eve Dec 24th. The winner will be announced Christmas morning Dec 25, 2009.

(Note) If your comment doesn't link back to your profile or blog where I can find your email, or you don't have a blog, then you must leave your email in the comment so I can contact you if you win. You will have 48 hours to respond or I will choose a new winner. Winners will be chosen the old fashioned way by number tags thrown into a bowl. Good luck!

As an added bonus, eShakti has a given visitors to this blog a special offer during this contest period. First time customers get $20 off your order when you enter coupon code "KristaMayne251209". Coupon ends Dec 25, 2009. Visit

Disclosure: I may receive a commission if you place an order and I was given a free coat to try out the ordering process.

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Eddie Bauer's 12 Days of Gifts

Starting today is Eddie Bauer 12 Days of Gifts with a new deal being offered every day from December 11th - December 22nd. Todays deal to start it off is cloud layer fleece for $19.50 (save $30). In addition, until Christmas, Eddie Bauer offer free holiday shipping on $100+ orders. See site for details. They are one of my favorite stores for tall clothing.

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Women's Tall Yoga Pants

New York & Company Women's Grey, Black, Blue, Brown Comfortzone Yoga Pants - Long

This pair of women's tall yoga pants has a 34" inseam. It has a low rise and wide elastic waistband. For a limited time buy one pair, and get the second for 75% off. In fact lots of women's clothing is on sale at buy one and get the second for 50% off at New York & Company! Save an additional 30% off orders of $75 or more with code "2516". Coupon expires 12/31/09.
Tall Clothing Mall has a special section of women's tall yoga pants.

By the way you may be interested to know that Amazon's Wii Fit Plus is on sale for $85.99 with free shipping! This includes the game and balance board. I have one of these and it makes for a fun workout.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

dELiAs Holiday Sale

women's 37

Hurry on over and visit the Holiday sale at - where all tall jeans and tall pants are on sale buy one, get the 2nd half off! Plus, save an extra 20% off your entire order with code "GIFT20D" Coupon ends 12/10/09. This is a popular store for tall teen girls as they have 34" inseams, 36" inseams and 37" inseam jeans and pants with low-rises in sizes 00-19.
Visit Tall Clothing Mall's sale pages for more holiday sales.

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Big and Tall Clothing on Sale

With the holidays fast approaching we are seeing some nice bargains. Today I found the following big and tall clothing items on sale at




Men's Rockport "Gordy" up to size 14 on sale for $70 was $100

To see more big and tall clothing on sale, visit our sale section at Tall Clothing Mall.

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Friday, December 4, 2009

Interesting Tall People Blogs

There are some interesting tall blogs post this week that I love. I think you might enjoy them too.

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New Women's Designer Jeans 34.5" Inseam Premium Denim starting at $88, Easy Money Jeans

Today Nordstrom introduces an exclusive new designer denim line called Easy Money Jean Company. They feature designer jeans under $100 and they have 2 pairs with 34.5" inseam lengths.
The first pair is called the 'Loot' Bootcut Stretch Jeans with a 34.5" inseam. They have subtle distressing accents on the pockets and hems in this pair of flattering boot-cut jeans in a faded, dark-blue rinse. Signature embroidery brands one of the back button-flap pockets. Sizes 0-10.


The second pair of 34.5" inseam jeans is a called the 'Buck' Bootcut Stretch Jeans. This is more of a casual style, with faded, medium-blue jean color that is accented with spots of distressing down the front for a worn-in look. Boot-cut legs create a flattering silhouette, while signature embroidery brands of the back pockets. Sizes 0-10.

women's designer jeans 34.

Plus, all orders at of $100+ qualify for free shipping with code "HOLIDAY09" through Dec 20th.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Men's Long Athletic Shorts

Updated Feb 5, 2010
Now that basketball season is starting, we are getting more requests for men's long athletic shorts. Here is the most current list. If you have know of more resources of stores that sell extra long athletic shorts, please leave a comment below.

Nike - Double Double Long Athletic Shorts (Black/Varsity Red/White) - Apparel

You may also be interested in our men's tall workout pants.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Favorite Women's Christmas Gifts (non-clothing)

I will be featuring lots of gift ideas over the next few weeks as Christmas is coming fast! Today I would like to show you my own personally recommended top women's Christmas gift ideas other than clothing.

1. Easy to use Memory Mixer 3 digital scrapbook program. I switched from traditional scrapbooking to this program and love it! $39.95

2. Along the same lines, I love my Cricut Expression Dicut Machine. I have both sizes, but the larger Expression can make bigger dicuts and is more versatile. I use this for school projects, scrapbooking, vinyl word art, making cards and more. This particular bundle includes two cartridges, and a book binder/laminate. The ultimate splurge for the crafty women at $310.06.

3. Of course a digital camera is always nice. I recently purchased a Cannon PowerShot SD780 IS. I researched for many months, and found this to have all the features I wanted including the ability to take high definition videos. It's small, but still able to take high quality picture. This will come in handy on our upcoming trip to Taiwan to pick up our daughter. I chose red as hopefully the bright color will make it easier to find when I misplace it. (unfortunately, a bit of a problem for me) $199


4. Beauty gift sets are always nice.'s "Beauty Gift Guide" has a huge selection of makeup, perfume, and other beauty gifts in all price ranges including gifts under $25. I love Philosophy sets as they always smell so nice. Although I have not tried the exclusive Philosophy 'holiday spice & everything nice' duo (see above) it sounds festive and only costs $20.

Inside the Espresso Hybrid Butler Bag

5. As I mentioned previously, I sometimes misplace items. I have found a purse that internally has compartments to keep me organized. I have owned my Butler Bag for 2 years and it's been my favorite purse. This is the perfect gift for a busy woman who doesn't have time to fumble around for items she needs. $165. You can save a little money by purchasing a sample sale bag (limited quantities) or they have a current promotion buy and 2 and get a free small tote. Click here to get the Butler Bag!

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Jos A Bank - Buy 1 Get 4 Free

Wool/Cashmere 2-Button Blazer- Buy 1, Get 2 Pants & 2 Sportshirts FREE!

Check out this awesome deal! JOS A BANK BUY 1 GET 4 FREE EVENT! Buy any sportcoat or leather jacket and get any 2 pants and 2 sportshirts free! Plus, ordersover $175 ship for free. So for basically the cost of the suit jacket you can get your entire dressy clothes to go with it! They have lots of long sizes and extra long sizes. To find the size you need, click here and then search by the size you desire in the drop down menu. The is only a two day sale and it ends Wed, Dec 2nd.

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