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Friday, November 28, 2008

Gap Black Friday Sale

The Gap Black Friday Sale is Buy One Get One 50% off on Holiday Sweaters plus save 15% off your order entire with coupon code: GAP15 Begin 11/28/08 - Exp. 12/1/08.
Women: Ribbon-sash cable V-neck - rock heatherMen: Shawl collar - true navy

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Eddie Bauer Gift Guide Sale

This just in- Eddie Bauer is having a Thanksgiving Weekend Sale - 100 Gifts Specially Priced $29.99 and $39.99. This sale ends on 11/30/08. Plus, from now until Christmas get free shipping at Eddie Bauer on orders over $100. Here are a few items I think you will love while they are on sale:

Women's Tall Cardigan sale $34.99 was $54.50

Women's Tall Pajama Pants sale $29.99 was $44.50

Men's Long Rise Loose Fit Jeans sale $29.99 was $44.50

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Black Friday Sales Have Begun

Pull out all your credit/debit cards and get ready to shop because the famous day after Thanksgiving sales (Black Friday Sales) have begun! There is no need to fight the crowds when you can get something for eveyone on your list by shopping at home. I have been busy updating the sale pages as fast as I can, but more offers are arriving all of the time. So hurry and check out our sale pages for the best deals on tall clothes, shoes and accessories. I have also included some great deals on other things you may like such as electronics, luggage and more. Check back daily as we get different deals every day and some are only 1 day sales.
Here are a few deals that just arrived:

Clinique Instant Pretty Limited Edition $36.00 (a $75.00 value)
Amazon Black Friday Deals are going on now!
Click here to save $7 Off $70 at
Save 30% at CoutureCandy when you enter coupon code: 30DAY expires Dec 1.
Take an addditional 15% off your entire order at when you enter coupon code: 2191002 at checkout. Expires 11/30/08.
Take 30% off on over 6,500 items at Sierra Trading Post! CLICK HERE to redeem! Offer expires 12.3.08 **Cannot be combined with other offers**

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Shopbop Sale on Tall Designer Jeans and Pants

The Black Friday sales are showing up early this year including this special offer at Shopbop. The more you buy, the more you save! Enter coupon code: THANKS2U Coupon Code and save $50 off orders of $250, save $100 off orders of $500, $250 off orders of $1000 and save a whopping $500 off orders of $1500 or more. is one of our favorite stores for trendy, tall designer jeans and pants - and as always they offer free shipping on orders in the U.S. and get free International Shipping through November 30th with orders over $250.


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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tall Fatigues

Dress comfortably in these manly and rugged chinos that look great and holds all your gear. Trousers feature a button-closure tabbed waist, angled snap-flap front pockets. snap-flap back pockets and generous multi-gusset, snap-flap sectioned cargo pockets on both legs. These Ralph Lauren tall fagitues come in a 36" or 38" inseam length are are 100% cotton. Machine wash. Imported. Available at Rochester Clothing (Item #66340).

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Women's Tall Cardigan

Slim-fitting and classic, it's enhanced by ribbon trim and rhinestone buttons, this women's tall cardigan is perfect for any occassion. Wear it to work, out to dinner or even to holiday social events. The rhinestone buttons really dress up this cardigan.
Women: Rhinestone cardigan - menswear blue

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Boy Who Couldn't Stop Growing

Today's Oprah show featured Brenden, a 7'3" tall, 12 year old who stumped the medical professional for years when they couldn't figure out why he kept growing. Finally "a bone marrow test revealed that Brenden's excessive growth started in utero when one of his chromosomes broke off, flipped around and reattached," Dr. Oz says. "They say the odds of this happening are billions to one."
His doctors finally figured out how to stop his growth. "They induced your body into puberty by giving you testosterone," Dr. Oz says. "It was a very smart idea by them." It's worked so far—Brenden says he hasn't grown in the past six months.
I am amazed at the positive attitude Brenden displays. He justs wants to be treated normally - a basic human desire we all have. His biggest challenge is finding clothes that fit. He says he has everything custom made. Shaquille O'Neal invited him to come and hang out with him and he was going to introduce him to his favorite tailor and have some clothes custom made for him. Perhaps we could all beg for the same tailor's phone number.
Thanks Brenden for standing tall and having such a positive outlook in what could be such an awkward time of your life!

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7 For All Mankind 36" Inseam Length on Sale

Hurry and snag this extra long pair of 7 For All Mankind long boot-cut stretch jeans with 5 pocket styling and single button closure. Embroidery detail at back pockets and whiskering at front. Worn spots at edges and moderate distressing throughout. On sale for only $77.50 was $155
7 For All Mankind Long Boot Cut Stretch Jean

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Susan's Tall Fashions - Now 25% off

I just got wind that Susan's Tall Fashions on Ebay has now reduced all items 25% off. Most of her inventory is from previous seasons at Long Elegant Legs. So take advantage of this great deal. Shipping is a bit on the high side, but if you order more than one item be sure to request a combined invoice prior to paying and you may save yourself a bit of money by combining shipping charges.

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Kohls 2 Day Sale

Free Shipping when you spend $75 or more
Get some wonderful deals at Kohls going on at the 2 day sale - through Wednesday. First off, get free standard shipping when you spend $75 or more. In addition save an extra 20% off your order of $100 or more when you enter coupon code: HOLIDAY20 at checkout. Here are some items on sale that you may enjoy:
Many tall dress shirts, buy one, get one for $1
Men's Tall Turtleneck sale $9.99 was $24
Croft & Barrow® Faux-Suede Shirt - Tall sale $15.99 was $40
Men's Columbia Mammoth Peak Jacket - Tall sale $159.99 was $220
Excelled Leather Car Coat - Big & Tall sale $184.99 was $370
Women's SONOMA life + style® Pleated Sweater Coat sale $21.60 was $54
Take an Extra 10% off Select Fine Jewlery some already marked down 60% off
Vivani® Silver-Tone Abalone Bracelet & Watch Set sale $14.99 was $29.99
Nectar Floral Tote Beauty Gift Set sale $12.50 was $25
Tropics Plush Bear Lotion Gift Set sale $6.25 was $12.50
50% off Samsonite Luggage

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Men's Tall Outfit

This men's tall outfit is a great look for all your informal holiday parties and occassions. You will still be comfortable, but look put together. Choose from 4 different colors of the patterned twill shirt. The tall chinos have a flat front with a relaxed fit. They come in a long rise with inseams up to 37" long. Right now get free shipping at Eddie Bauer on orders over $100 thru 12/24/08

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Friday, November 14, 2008

A Weekend of Sales

There are many weekend sales including a few 2 day only sales in progress. Be sure to check out the sale pages at Tall Clothing Mall for the best deals inclucing the following.

JCPenney Buy More, Save More sale! Save $20 off $100 or More, $15 off $75 or More, and $10 off $50 or More from 11/14/08 through 11/15/08! Enter Code 2DAYSAVE at checkout.

Jos. A. Bank’s 2 Day Sale! Fri & Sat, Nov 14th & 15th. Free Shipping On All Orders Over $175!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tall 37" Inseam Plus Size Jean

This pair of 37" inseam jeans isicon made of stretch denim with cute floral embroidery on one leg. It is comes in sizes 1-25 for only $44.50. Save 15% off your order! Use coupon code ENTER15. Offer valid through 11/17/08.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Save Extra 20% on Big and Tall Jackets, Coats & Sweaters

Save an extra 20% off jackets, winter coats and sweaters at Westport Big & Tall when you enter coupon code: WISALE08 during checkout. I do not know when this coupon expires, so don't wait too long.
Westport Big & Tall: Look Your Best

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Tall Women's Holiday Outfit for Under $100

The holidays are coming which means a full social schedule of parties, cultural events and more. I hope to save you a lot of stress this year by helping you find the perfect tall women's holiday outfit. I also know money is tight for most of us so this outfit costs less than $100.

Bouquets - Tracy (Silver Satin) - Footwear

1. Metrostyle BlackTall Wrap Dress $39.99 Use coupon code:MSMYFAV36 to save 10% off your 1st item, 20% off 2nd and 30% off 3rd item. Expires 11/30/08. This dress is figure flattering on most figures. It will be a great dress for many occasions for years to come.
2. Silver Statin Shoes by Bouquets from 6pm. On sale for $24.12. These shinny silver shoes add just enough holiday pop to make your outfit look extra special.
3. Silvertone Beaded Necklace from Metrostyle. $29.99 Use the coupon above when you buy the dress to save on both items. This adjustable length necklace gives you a polished finish to your holiday outfit.
The grand total for this outfit is $94.10 before the coupon or tax!

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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Men's Tall Western Jeans 36" Inseam

This pair of tall Wrangler original fit tall rodeo jeans will fit a variety of body shapes. It comes in 34" or 36" inseam lengths in small to large waist sizes. It features a straight leg opening with zippered thigh and fuller seat and thigh. Get a free "Rockin Country CD" with any purchase of $50 or more of Wrangler brand products at Boot Barn.

Wrangler Men’s ‘Original Fit Rodeo’ Jeans – Antique Indigo

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Diary of a Tall Fashionista: Custom Made Clothing for Tall Women

Custom Made Clothing for Tall Women
by Tiffany DeLangie
Tall Fashion Writer for Tall Clothing Mall

Whenever people speak of flawless fashion, invariably the word “alteration” comes into play. Regardless of how the worlds of fashion and retail have evolved, the reality is we are not built like mannequins. Having done some modeling, I am keenly aware of what you don’t see in the catalogues- the double sided tape, the binder clips pulling the shirt tighter around the waist, the clothespins grabbing the extra fabric of the pants, the stylist scurrying to pull, tug, and adjust after each camera snap, or the photoshopping that eradicates any leftover imperfections. Certainly there are more offerings of plus, petite, and tall sizes and I am grateful for those retailers and designers who realize we are not all 5’7”, 110 pounds, curve deficient, and perfectly proportioned. However there are still areas of opportunity to achieve a better fit.

I myself have gone the alteration route lately and have had some luck…and some misfortune. Why not skip alteration and go straight to custom made clothing? We all have that friend who has returned from the orient with custom made clothing. And how much do we hate it when we ask “where did you get that?” and the answer is “Bangalore.” Wouldn’t it be fabulous if such services were available to us at a reasonable price, sans a trip around the globe? The good news is it is! It takes some investigation but there are many options out there for reasonably priced and risk free custom made clothing.

One of the main reasons to try custom made clothing may surprise you: that reason is cost. Many of us assume “custom made” means out of reach, but that isn’t so. As more retailers, designers, and entrepreneurs recognize a niche market consisting of people who aren’t satisfied with ill fitting clothing, an entire industry is on the rise. Increased competition means lower prices. And while some may cringe at the term “outsourcing,” in this case think of it as a friend not a foe. Don’t forget to consider how much you spend on items you don’t wear primarily due to fit (or lack thereof). We’ve all done it before; been blinded by the clearance price tag to the fact that those pants are two inches too short and two sizes too small…or the cuffs on that shirt barely reach our wrists and our clever idea of cutting the sleeves to make them three quarter length never really panned out. If you are anything like me you could go into your closet and grab handfuls of clothes that flaunt flaws rather than flatter. I dare you to add up how much you spent on that handful. Most likely it will be more than you bargained for.

Sure you may get lucky with an item that fits perfectly from time to time (and when that happens don’t you chide yourself for not buying two?!). But really, how often are we so lucky?! If you are fortunate enough to buy designer clothes then maybe it happens more often for you than for most. But even Oprah admits to having many of her clothes tailored, and seriously if Oprah’s designer duds don’t fit her perfectly off the rack do you really think that it will happen for those of us whose “favorite things” don’t consist of a $1500 TOYWATCH? Not to be Debbie Downer, but I’m guessing no! Custom made clothing is really the only way to get a perfect fit. And while our net worth might not exactly rival Oprah’s we can look like a million bucks if we invest in items that fit us to a [tall] tee!

Visit Tall Clothing Mall for our favorite styles of custom made clothing.

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Men's Tall Stripe Rugby Shirt

I like the look of this men's tall stripe rugby shirt made by Chaps. It's a little bit preppy, but is a classic look that you can wear for years. It comes in blue or red in sizes LT-4XLT and is 50% off for only $33. Save even more when you take 20% off entire order or One Stop Plus with code OSPANNIV. Expires 11/10/08.

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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Women's Tall Lounge Pants

I just added more tall lounge pants for women as well as tall workout pants. In my search I came across this pair of 36.5" inseam tall lounge pants by Baby Phat. They feature a chic gold foil logo at front left hip with rhinestone details and come in sizes S-XL. More tall workout pants and lounge pants at Tall Clothing Mall.

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