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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Elbow Sleeved Women's Tall Top

This women's elbow-sleeved blouson tall top is cute with a little flair. The longer length in the sleeves disguises chunky arms and the scooped neckline is flirty. This tall shirt is made of a cotton/modal blend allowing for a soft, comfortable feel. Available in 3 colors in tall sizes S-XL for $29.50.
Women: Elbow-sleeved blouson top - heather gray Women: Elbow-sleeved blouson top - vineyard Women: Elbow-sleeved blouson top - white
For more tall clothing, visit
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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Big and Tall Clothing Clearance

Get some great deals on big and tall clothing for men. Jos Bank has really nice men's tall clothing. From now until Sunday, Feb 2nd save an additional 25% off of all remaining clearance items. Also get free shipping on orders of $175 or more.
Signature Gold 2-Button Patterned Sportcoat
Sale $223.50 was $795
For more men's tall clothing on sale, visit
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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Many tall clothing sales added to Tall Clothing Mall - including tall designer jeans on sale

We have updated the sale pages at Tall Clothing Mall and there are lots of tall clothing items on sale for tall men and tall women. We have also included some tall designer jeans on sale. Visit to see the tall clothing on sale, these pages are updated daily with sales from many of the best tall clothing stores.
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Tall Teen Pants in a 36" Inseam & Wide Leg

I like to feature longer length pants and this is a fun tall teen pant as the Kelly green color is a unique color for Spring. This tall pant has a 36" inseam, has a lower rise and features a flattering wide leg. It is also available in navy, white, and tan in tall sizes 00-19. $39.50. The best thing is that right now there is a special on tall jeans & tall pants – Buy one, get one HALF OFF at dELiA*s! Select styles.

For more tall clothing, visit
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Monday, January 28, 2008

Must Have Tall Dress for Spring

I bought this tall dress a few years back in a red print. It is still one of my favorite tall dresses. They have brought it back with a different print, 3/4 sleeves instead of short sleeves and they offer it in more color choices including prints and solids. You will be amazed at the great fit of this must-have tall dress. The flattering surplice styling, waist shaping, shirred side seam and an attractive A-line shape really work wonders. Dress it up or down with ease. Approx. length: tall dress 56-1/2". I just ordered this fabulous tall dress in the black and white print. $89. Available in tall sizes 2-18.

Misses Cotton Stretch Floral Print 3/4 Sleeve Shapely Surplice Dress - Black Misses Cotton Stretch Floral Print 3/4 Sleeve Shapely Surplice Dress - Brown Misses Cotton Stretch Floral Print 3/4 Sleeve Shapely Surplice Dress - Green
For more women's tall clothing, visit

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Men's Large Size Hiking Shoe Available to size 17 Shoes

If you are like me, I'm itching for Spring. I can't wait to get out in warmer weather. For you men that need larger size shoes. I've found a great hiking shoe for you available up to size 17. It's the
Columbia - Trail Meister IV
- a lightweight, durable shoe with a suede and mesh upper for superior comfort on the trail. Offers the perfect balance of performance and value. Suede and mesh upper. Gusseted tongue. Scratch rubber toe and heel overlays. Molded EVA footbed provides cushioning and comfort. Compression molded EVA midsole. Exposed molded nylon shank provided torsional rigidity and support. Non-marking Omni-Grip rubber compound with multi-directional lug tread pattern. I think it's a great looking large size shoe for men.
Columbia - Trail Meister  IV (Mud/Red River) - Men's
For more men's larger size shoes, visit

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Women's Tall Black Trousers in a 35" Inseam

Every tall woman needs a great pair of tall black trousers and I found one that I love that doesn't cost me an arm and a leg. This pair of Cotton Stretch 35" Inseam Tall Trousers fits me like a dream. The 35" inseam, seems a tad bit longer and I love how it drapes around my shoes. These trousers feel smooth and the bit of stretch makes them comfortable all day. I would consider the material great for year round wear. These are perfect for work and the slightly lower rise doesn't compromise any modesty. The straight cut through the hips and thighs is very figure flattering. I'm actually going to order these in tan as I love them so much. Available in tall sizes 4-20 for $65

For more women's tall black trousers, visit
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Custom Design Your Own Shoes - a great option for larger size shoes

Steve Madden Shoes are such a great option for women's larger size shoes as now you can custom design your own shoes. How many times are you looking for terrific looking shoes in larger sizes and you can't find what you are looking for? Now, you can design your own shoes to match your outfit. Custom designs are available in boots, flats or heels. Choose from a plain color or or add several colors, animal prints, add a bow or make your shoes quilted. The options are endless. I just designed myself some darling kitten heels with orange accents to match my new Spring skirt as I didn't have any shoes to wear with it. And if you like, they also offer a custom design your own handbag department so now you can make a bag to match your new shoes.

Design Your Own,

To see more women's larger size shoes visit
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Get Hightlights in your Hair and Lose 5 Pounds Instantly!

I had a great discussion with my hairdresser the other day. She mentioned that if you feel like you've gained a little weight and your face is appearing fuller, one of the best things you can do is get a few highlights around your face. You don't need to go blond, but getting highlights a shade or two lighter around the face will help you appear like you've lost a little weight. Thanks for the tip Marissa!
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Friday, January 25, 2008

Long Boatneck Layering Tees

Get ready for Spring in a cute long boatneck layering tee. The longer length on these tees allows you to wear it alone or wear it as a layering tee. I especially like the elbow length sleeve as it can disguise flabby arms. Long Boatneck Tees are available in many colors and styles including solids and stripes and best of all when you buy 2 or more, they are on sale for $7.50 each. The single price is $12.50. So, stock up while the selection is still great.

Women: Women's Long Boatneck Tees - Pink Stripe Women: Women's Long Boatneck Tees - SeagrassWomen: Women's Long Boatneck Tees - Orange Stripe
For more tall clothing, visit
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38" Inseam Levi's Jeans

Levi's are a great brand of jeans for the big and tall man, but try and find a 38" inseam in stores. It is nearly impossible. We have found one we recommend for most men. The classic fit and casual comfort of Levi's jeans are always in style. 550 straight-leg jeans have a relaxed fit in the seat and thighs and a zip fly. 100% cotton. Machine wash. These are available from Rochester Clothing item #44120 for $55.
For more big and tall clothing, visit

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Designer High Waisted Tall Pants in a 36" inseam

If you are tall and thin, here is a wonderful pair of women's designer high waisted tall pants in a 36" inseam. The Johnson's - Charles wide leg tall pant features a rich fudge color in a sophisticated wide leg style with 2" cuffed hems. The double button closure with antique gold buttons and comfortable stretch wool fabric makes these pants perfect for winter. Diagonal front slash pockets and contoured back pockets give these pants a professional look. So for work or play, these will be the designer tall pants you will grab when you want a polished look. Tall sizes 0-12.
Johnson Charles Wide Leg Pant in Fudge
Find more tall pants at

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tall Clothing Mall celebrates one-year anniversary

January 23, 2008

Tall Clothing Mall celebrates one-year anniversary

GYPSUM, CO – Today marks the first anniversary of Tall Clothing Mall (, a comprehensive online resource for men’s and women’s tall and plus-size clothing from more than 200 stores.

“I created Tall Clothing Mall because I spent way too much time wandering the mall in search of tall, stylish clothing,” said Tall Clothing Mall founder Krista Mayne. “I knew I wasn’t alone in my frustration. Our customers are using the site daily as an alternative to the mall and are finding more options, more choices and better deals. In one short year, Tall Clothing Mall has grown exponentially and exceeded our expectations.”

Mayne, who towers more than six feet above the crowd, has used her unique vantage to build the growing site. Tall Clothing Mall provides easy-to access information and links to stores offering everything from hard-to-find sizes to large-size men’s shoes to tall maternity clothing. Mayne also offers customers her fashion expertise and know-how.

“So many people have asked for individual style advice,” said Mayne. “Every day we update the site with the latest tips, trends and featured products to guide our clients in their search for the perfect wardrobe.”

Mayne now offers a personal shopper feature, where clients can contact her directly for individual assistance finding specific items or fashion advice. This individualized service helps customers find exactly what they’re looking for.

“The future looks bright for the site,” said Mayne. “We’re offering more stores and deals every day. We’ve even revamped our popular denim section to sort jeans by inseam lengths. Plus, we have new sections for hard-to-find items like long torso swimsuits, tall jackets, tall ski pants and more.”

Visit to find the latest tips, tricks, trends and sales. You can also sign up for a monthly newsletter and take advantage of the new personal shopper service.

For more information, contact Krista Mayne at
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Friday, January 18, 2008

The Big List of Women's Tall Clothing Basics

There are basic things that every tall woman needs in her tall clothing wardrobe. If you invest in quality pieces, you can wear these items for years to come and they won't need to be changed with the passing trends. The following list will help tall woman put together a basic tall wardrobe for every occasion.
1. Great Pair of Every day Jeans - Every tall woman needs a pair of jeans that is figure flattering and long enough to wear with casual shoes or a slight heel. A slight low-cut jean in a boot cut is what I recommend. Also the darker the jean, the more slimming.
2. Dress up Trouser Jeans - These are to be worn for special occasions when you want to look extra hot. These will generally bit a bit more expensive than your regular jeans and you will consider them to be for special occasions. These should definitely be darker and look best in a wide leg or straight leg. Trouser jeans should have a polished look to them, including no rips or wear marks. Trouser jeans can have a great cuff, can have pockets or be pocket less and if you like have fun details such as leather logos or flap pocket, depending on your taste. These jeans should be considered great for casual office days as well as for a date night.
3. Tall Tailored Pant Suit in a Dark Color - You are best to choose a dark color and I recommend black as it is easier to match blacks than most other colors. The color black is a classic and will stand the test of time. Choose a suit out of a fabric that is smooth and easily maintains it's shape. It should look good no matter the season. This suit should be easily worn to work or dinner parties. A great place to get one is from Lands' End. Their suit pants are custom hemmed to your inseam length and you can add a skirt to match now or later as your budget allows. Also, over the years, if you wear out a piece or you can easily replace a piece as the fabric choices seem to remain consistent.
4. Black Tall Trousers- are a must have item for tall women. These will be your go to pants for every occasion. They can easily be dressed up or down. They should be wrinkle-free and made from a nice fabric. I recommend a boot-cut pant or a straight leg tall trouser. The rise on these tall trousers should fit slightly below the waist.
5. Khaki Pants - Tall Khaki pants are a necessity for every tall woman. They can be worn in casual offices and are great for traveling, or every day wear. Khaki pants help you maintain a polished look without over doing it.
6. Long Layering Shirts- Every tall woman needs some great long layering shirts. These are usually made of t-shirt fabric and can be long sleeved or shirt sleeves. These are great for wearing alone or underneath any item of clothing that may be slightly too short, such as a sweater or a blazer. Layering shirts are what allows tall women to extend our wardrobe choices into regular size items we love when tall sizes are not available. These shirts should be long enough that they can stretch to the bottom of our hips, and yet can be scrunched up to a shorter length if desired. These layering shirts can be plain or have a row of lace as a bottom hem. Either one is fine. I recommend you purchase one in black, and white and if your budget affords a couple of brighter colors that you love.
7. Black Boots with a slight heel - Many tall women tend to shy away from shoes with heels. However nothing will help you look better than a black boot with a slight heel. Now, I'm not talking about adding inches here, just a slight heel with a maximum of 2". The heel will give you a great leg line, make you stand straighter and overall helps you appear more put together. We recommend a knee length black boot as you can wear it with trousers, jeans and knee length skirts. These should be made from leather and be clean with not too many details so they will look great for many years.
8. Black Leather Pumps are so versatile as you can wear them to work or a wedding. Many tall women have larger feet and pointy shoes only accentuate the shoe size, so I would avoid shoes that are too pointy shoes, but rather choose a slightly rounded toe instead. A one to two inch heel is the perfect heel height for a tall woman.
9. A Pair of Stunning Shoes - What I mean by stunning shoes is one that will turn heads. These are usually sexy with a small heel and are dressy shoes. These can be bright colored, shiny, fabric printed, whatever you like. Have fun with these shoes without going overboard as you want it to match most of your neutral colors, but add a touch of your personality.
10. Black Dress- A little black dress is sometimes hard to find for a tall woman. I recommend you buy a quality little black dress with a length slightly above the knee or slightly below. This is a basic dress, not overly sexy. The accessories you wear with the dress will really change the whole look of it. Layer a cardigan over it, or wear alone with silver jewelry or pearls. Have fun with this dress, but find one made from a quality material with short sleeves or without sleeves.
11. A Nice Skirt - This skirt should be fun and can easily be worn with most of your sweaters or tops. You might try one with a bit of stretch. Choose one that flatters your figure like a pencil skirt, a longer straight skirt or one with a bit of flounce at the bottom. The style of this skirt is up to your own interpretation of one you love.
12. Trendy Jacket - Tall women, please invest in a great trendy jacket that you love. This might be your splurge item. Find one that you can envision wearing often. This should fit your body shape well. For a tall woman, you want the length to hit you either at your hip or slightly below your waist. If it is too short, it will make you look disproportioned. This jacket can be made of denim, wool, leather or whatever else you desire. Just make sure it fits well, and the fabric keeps it's shape easily. Also choose a jacket that can easily be worn with sweaters, shells, layering t-shirts or blouses and with the right top underneath you can wear it to work or casual occasions.
13. Dressy Evening Top or Shell - Every woman needs a dressy evening top that you can wear alone or under a jacket or blazer. We recommend one with short sleeves as you will get more mileage out of it. This dressy evening top can be worn to weddings, social occasions, business meetings and more.
14. Dressy Coat - Every woman needs a dressy coat. I recommend a long wool coat hitting your hip to mid thigh if you can find them. I know sometimes tall sizes are limited, but a longer length coat will really make you look professional and can be worn with just about anything in your wardrobe. Solid colors are always more versatile as this item will be with you for many years.
15. Trench Coat- A trench coat is a great idea for every tall woman. This will be your go to jacket for business travel, the office or for pleasure. This jacket should be waterproof as you will slip it on during rainy weather, but not be too hot as you will want this jacket year round.
16. Large Purse- Tall Women look much better with a big purse as a small purse will draw attention to your size. I recommend a nice leather purse in a darker color such as black as it will go with most of your basic items. If you prefer get one with some nice details like an embossed leather print, nail head tacks, or big pockets with metal buckles.
17. Large Accessories- After you get the basics, have fun getting some great accessories. Remember that larger is better. Big silver hoops, a long strand of pearls that can looped several times, a long necklaces and beautiful scarves are some suggestions to mix and match in your wardrobe and make it more fun.
As your budget allows and after you have purchased the basic items, add some fun blouses, t-shirts and sweaters that you love. Add one new item each season that is trendy and goes well with your basic items. Don't spend a lot of money on these items as these will be the items that change frequently with the trends. to see the items on this list visit
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Thursday, January 17, 2008

A Tall Women's Rant About Mall Dressing Rooms

If you are a frequent visitor to my website Tall Clothing Mall, you will know that I don't frequent malls often as shopping for tall clothing in a mall is very frustrating. However, today I got adventurous and drove 2 hrs to my nearest mall to go shopping. I had heard about a going out of business sale at my closest Mervyn's store. I decided it would be a great time to get some new jeans for my boys as they seem to split the knees out every time I turn around. I got some tremendous deals on boys clothing with some items marked down 50% off, plus I saved an additional 30% off everything. I still managed to fork out $300. But, with 4 kids, I got lots of clothing.

My mother taught me to be a great bargain shopper. My mother was a stay-at-home mom and my dad was a policeman, so money was tight. I remember as a child going to Weinstocks for their twice a year sale. We would arrive around 5 p.m. and spend lots of time finding the best bargains. Then we would sit and wait until 9 p.m. which is the time that the clothing was an additional 10% or 20% off, I don't remember exactly. But, I do remember we each got a huge bag of in style clothing with the majority costing under $5 each.

So back to today. I decided to get myself a couple of new bras - as I feel like this is one item of clothing that I want to fit well and as many tall women know many of the straps sometimes aren't long enough. So, I grabbed a pile of bras and headed to the dressing room. I had my toddler with me. I went to the largest room as to accommodate the stroller. As I was changing my clothes, I suddenly looked around and realized how short the doors were in the dressing room. Not only were they short on top, but they were pretty high up on the bottom and this dressing room was the first one. Basically, everyone in the store could see me. Tall people trying on clothes can end up flashing everyone in the store and short people can end up mooning everyone when they try on pants. If you were at Mervyn's today and I flashed you I'm so sorry. Sometimes I wonder what people are thinking when they design things like dressing rooms or restroom stalls. Does it really cost that much more to put in doors that provide a little modesty? Thanks for listening to my rant.

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Great New Choices in Women's Tall Trench Coats

As I was reviewing the Ultimate Winter Sale at Eddie Bauer, I noticed they have new arrivals for Spring. I was so excited to see two new tall women's trench coats. Do you know how hard it is to find tall trench coats for women? They sell out so fast. On the left is a Women's Tall Belted Trench Coat with nice detailed contrast stitching. It is water repellant, fully lined and washable. Available in a great neutral tan that will go nicely with anything or a fun aqua color in tall sizes M-XL $128. On the right is the Women's Tall Topper Trench Coat. This has a nice basic style that will be a wardrobe staple for many years. Available in 3 color choices in tall sizes M-XL $98. Now it's time for me to go shopping!

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Women's Tall Leather Jackets

We found two great women's tall leather jackets that would help you look fabulous. On the left is a belted tall leather jacket. We love how the belt adds a great shape, but you can wear it without the belt for another great look. This tall leather jacket features a great tailored fit, button front and welt pockets. Available in 3 colors in tall sizes 6-18 and it's on sale for $89.99. On the right is an ultra uxorious, long length tall leather jacket with inside lining. It also features a notch collar, on seam pockets and back vent. Available in tall sizes ST-XLT in 3 colors for $109.99.
Plus save an additional 20% off your favorite item with code: MS20 at checkout. Expires Feb 2.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Men's Tall Dress Shirt with 38 inch sleeves

We know how hard is to to find men's dress shirts with extra long sleeves. But here is one we like. It is a men's dress shirt with a 38 inch sleeve. ( item number 30077). This great wrinkle-free pinpoint oxford button down collar dress shirt is is made by Enro. It comes in 5 colors. It keeps its shape and true color washing after washing. 100% cotton.

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Women's Tall White Shirt

Every tall woman needs a great tall white shirt. Here's one that is flirty and fun. With long sleeves that roll up into elbow length sleeves, you get two looks in one. The ruffles at the top are feminine without overdoing it. This women's tall white shirt would look great at the office when worn under a tall suit jacket, or wear it alone for casual days when you want to feel put together. Available in tall sizes 2-16 for $49.50
Women: Solid ruffled roll-up shirt - white

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Tall Wide Leg Sailor Jean

Ahoy matey, Genetic Denim has come out with a cute Tall Wide Leg Sailor Jean. This designer tall jean with a wide leg is figure flattering and flirtatious. It has a 36" inseam and a 9 inch rise. The front pockets are rounded patch pockets and the back also features patch pockets. Dress these up with a red nautical top, and blue bag and you will be the hottest tall woman in town!

Genetic Denim Mutated Gene Wide Leg Sailor Jean

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Where to Find Tall Clothing Stores

Tall clothing stores are starting to creep up everywhere which is great news for those of us that defy gravity! Here is a huge list of men's tall clothing stores. Choose from over 3 pages of stores that sell men's tall clothing. For you ladies here is a huge list of women's tall clothing stores. I have compiled these lists over the years and have decided to publish them on my website Tall Clothing Mall. Have fun shopping for tall clothing that fits!

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Tall Maternity Pants

Here's a great classic, clean pair of tall maternity pants you can dress up or down. Available from Old Navy, these 34" long, tall maternity pants are complemented with tortoise shell buttons and tonal stitching. Although they are available in 4 colors, we prefer the gray color as it is the trendy color of the season. Sits above belly; supports but doesn't constrict Best for months 4-9. Available in tall maternity sizes XS-2XL $32.
Maternity: Maternity Full-Panel Twill Pants - Soft Black
To find more tall maternity pants, click here.

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Where to find Pants for the Tall, Thin Man

It seems the hardest clothing to find for tall men is pants for tall, thin men. We have gotten many requests lately for help in finding this size. Today we finished a page for men's tall pants in a 31" waist by 36" inseam. There are other similarly created pages for tall, thin men on our hard to fit clothing sizes page. Here's a tall khaki pant that we love.
Men: Work straight fit khakis - khaki
Straight fit mens tall khakis A polished style with an appreciation for simple, streamlined details. Soft, yet sophisticated. Comfortable, yet clean. These men's tall khakis are available in a 36" length with waists from 30"-40" in 3 colors for $44.50

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Friday, January 4, 2008

"You Can't Get a Show Pony When You Come from Clydesdale Stock."

I thought I'd share a funny quote with you today. A while ago I was visiting my aunt and uncle. My aunt was nagging her adult daughter about needing to lose some weight. Finally my cousin turned to my aunt and said, "You can't get a show pony when you come from Clydesdale stock." I about fell over as it was so funny.

So, over the years I have thought about this statement greatly. We can't change our genes. I have been tall my whole life. I enjoy it now, but it wasn't fun being 3 inches taller than the tallest boy all through elementary school and junior high school. Our body shape is greatly determined by our genes. Even when I am in perfect shape, I will never be a size 10. I am 6'1" and I have had 4 children. I have to fight my genetic composition every day as I come from a family that gains weight easily. I work hard at being healthy. It's okay if I have hips, in fact I think they are attractive on my body. I enjoy being tall- now. I am so thankful that we finally have wonderful women's tall clothing choices as that has not always been the case.

Let's be happy with the bodies we were given. We can accentuate the positive by dressing ourselves in clothes that are figure flattering which sometimes means forgoing the latest trend. I look ridiculous when I follow some of the latest fashion trends- so I work hard at finding classic pieces that look fabulous on my tall stature. By the way I think Clydesdales are beautiful!

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Svobada Tall Plus Size Jeans

I have heard so many great things about Svoboda Stretch Tall Plus Jeans that I finally decided to buy myself a pair for Christmas. I am normally not one that spends $128 for a pair of jeans as my mother taught me to be the ultimate bargain hunter. But once in a while I will splurge and buy a great piece of tall clothing if I feel like it's worth it. Trust me, I really like these jeans. They have just the right amount of stretch, they fit terrifically and have a 35" inseam! I even had people ask me if I have lost weight. These pants are amazing! They come in tall plus sizes of 12-24. Since when did a size 12 become a plus size? Good grief!

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Buy One Get One Free On Men's Tall Blazers

If you are looking for new tall blazers this year, you might as well check out this great deal.
Buy One Get One Free on Men's Tall Blazers & Sport Coats going on now at Kohls until Jan 5th. We like the one below as it is a classic navy tall blazer from Chaps. $175

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Women's Tall Jumpsuit

Apple Bottoms - Velour Burnout Jumper (Hot Chocolate) - Lifestyle Departments Women's tall jumpsuits are not easy to find. Here is one that I like with a 34" inseam length. Can you believe it's from Zappos? Plus you get free shipping and free returns. Now you can say, "I'd like a tall jumpsuit with my shoes."

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