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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wedge Crocs

If you are looking for a fun summer shoe, this wedge shoe by Crocs is a sleek retro inspired wedge designed with the classic comfort of Croslite material. Colorful two-tone combinations. Footbed conforms to foot creating a custom fit. Circulation nubs stimulate blood flow. Available Colors: white/fuchsia, black/white, celery/white, chocolate/gold, red/silver, sea foam/white, black/black. Those of you with larger feet can also wear these as they are available to a size 12. $39.95 To view the latest trendy Crocs, click here.
Crocs Sassari (Women's) - Black/White

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Women's True Religion Jeans 37" Inseam - News!!!

People who have tried True Religion Jeans know that how great they fit. True Religion is recutting these for 1 month only. So get them now. Don't know for sure if True Religion took these Joey Jeans down the Pony Express, but they sure branded them with the name. Fabulous fitting Joey Stretch jeans by True Religion in Dark Pony Express. With Twisted Inseam and flare leg opening, they are ready for riding! Dark denim with subtle distressing on front and backs of legs and across seat, almost looks as though you've worn these on horseback a time or two. Flap button close back pockets with signature red & yellow horseshoe stitch.
Stretch denim - 99% cotton % 1% spandex; machine wash. Classic 5 pocket style jean. Approx. 7 1/2" rise. (Larger sizes may have a slightly longer rise.) Approx. 37" inseam with flare leg opening.

True Religion Jeans Joey Dark Pony Express Stretch
33" Inseam Click the banner for the 37" Inseam Jeans

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Cutter & Buck Big and Tall Shirt

Get ready for short-sleeves weather. This classic big and tall plaid shirt is made of yarn dyed 100% cotton with button-down collar, left chest pocket, back box pleat and a straight bottom with side vents. The colors of this Cutter & Buck big and tall shirt are complimentary to most any skin tone. Sizes LT-4XLT. $89
Purchase from Westport Big & Tall Item# 31000

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Women's 39" Inseam Pants

Here's a pair of women's casual extra long inseam pants- 39" inseam length. They look super comfy as they have an elastic drawsting waist. They are made of 55% linen and 45% rayon. The soft rose color is nice for Spring and Summer. $24.99
Size Small 39" Inseam Pants
Size Medium 39" Inseam Pants
Size Large 39" Inseam Pants

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35" Inseam Plus Tall Jeans

For the plus size woman, I found a great pair of bootcut, plus size tall jeans that will balance out your curves. This is a stretch jean with decorative stitching on the back pockets. You will appreciate the length as it comes in a long 35" inseam length. Also, if you would like to add some color to your wardrobe, these tall plus size jeans also come in green, red, black,white and bright blue. 14T-26T $44.90
One Stop Plus - Take $20 off orders of $80 or more with code WW18674, 4/1/08-4/30/08

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Men's 38" Inseam Relaxed Jean

These men's Cinch Black Label Jeans indigo tall jeans feature a relaxed waist and hip, lower rise, relaxed thigh with a slightly tapered bottom opening. Five pocket design includes a Black Label patch above the right pocket. The really great thing about these men's tall jeans is that they start at smaller waist sizes from 28"-42". They come in 34",36", and 38" inseam lengths for $49.99 Visit Tall Clothing Mall for more men's tall jeans.
Cinch Black Label Jeans

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Friday, April 25, 2008

Old Navy Sale

There are lots of tall clothing sales going on now. Here's another one. Save during The Full ON Sale: Save up to 50% on Old Navy shorts, swimwear & polos. This offer is valid through May 1.
They also have a flat rate for shipping of only $5. And, don't forget about free returns on all women's plus size clothing. For more great sales on tall clothing, visit Tall Clothing Mall's sale pages.

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Target Clearance

Target online carries many women's longer length clothing items that are affordable. I have been really happy with the things I have purchased from them. Also spend $50 in women's, get free shipping at Often you will find great deals at the clearance section such as the following items:

item B000ZH8CLW clearance $16.09 item B000YJCABY clearance $9.49

item B000XZB22C $7.49 item B0013A9MVE $17.49

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Guess Jeans 36" Inseam

These sleek tall trouser jeans by Guess have an extra long inseam length of 36". My favorite pair of jeans I have ever owned was a pair of Guess jeans. These low rise, wide leg trouser jeans are a bit dressier than most. They come without front pockets and feature back welt pockets.
GUESS? Sienna Wide-Leg Trouser Jeans $89 in sizes 24"-32" waists.

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Men's Tall Cycling Shirt

I thought I had seen every type of clothing fabric available- but weirdly enough this zip polo is made from coconut shell fabric called -Cocona. With it's moisture-wicking properties this shirt could have several uses such as a men's tall cycling shirt. It is also stain resistant and UV protectant. It is available in 4 color choices in size MT-4XLT $49.50.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Flats Available in Larger Sizes

Today I came across many new flats that are available in women's larger sizes. I thought I'd share a few I like.

Bella Vita Women's Penelope Ballet Flat Type Z - Veronika (Black/White) - Footwear
Visit Tall Clothing Mall for women's larger size shoe trends.

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Women's Lee Tall Plus Size Jean 34" Inseam

I have read great reviews about Lee plus size jeans. I found one that I think you will love. This tall, plus size jean has a comfort waist and hits right below the waist. It comes in a 34" inseam length and is a flattering straight leg plus size jean with a touch of stretch. It comes in sizes 18W-26W and is on sale for $34.99.

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Men's Tall Shirt With Texture

Take a break from the same old plain shirt. This men's tall shirt has texture, in an interesting tonal checkerboard pattern. This is a button front tall shirt with chest pocket and straight hem with side vents made of a linen cotton blend. Choose from 5 color choices in sizes LT-6XLT for $26.99 , or save $10 when you purchase 2.
KingSize has some great deals on special items from now until April 30th.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Diary of a Tall Fashionista: The Swimsuit Dilemma

By: Tiffany DeLangie, a tall fashion writer for Tall Clothing Mall

Ok my tall sisters... I know the moment you read “swimsuit dilemma” you knew just where I was going with this. No matter what your shape or size, unless your name is Gisele, there is a dilemma when it comes to swimsuits. For us it’s the quandary of not being able to run into Target or TJ Maxx and run out with a flattering suit that fits our long torsos in all the right places. No…we try on suit after suit only to find that we are ridin’ dirty. No, I’m not referring to a Chamillionaire state of being, or the political diatribe of Reverend Jeremiah Wright. I’m referring to the unsightly swimsuit cutting into areas we would rather avoid drawing attention to as they ride up our tall frames. So what are some ways to avoid this dilemma? And what are the latest trends that suit (no pun intended) tall women with long torsos?

Well first, the most obvious is the bikini. The ‘separates’ phenomenon has in fact been phenomenal! Not only does it mean you don’t have to enlist your husband or best friend to try to stretch that one piece out with you (as thrilling as that might be), it also means you can actually buy a top that fits your top and a bottom that fits your bottom…which are not always the same size [gasp!]. But there are only a handful of tall fashionistas who are blessed to be both tall and thin (and toned) enough to continue pulling off the bikini past their prime (this is another subject for another article, but to insert a style tip: muffin top looks no better in a bikini than it looks in a pair of extra low rise jeans).

The next option is a tankini. The tankini is more forgiving than the bikini, yet not as conservative as a one piece. It’s a great option for a tall woman with a long torso. I recently found an amazing “longer length” tankini from Alloy. Whether intentionally for tall women or not, it is a tall woman’s dream. It’s a bit more fun and flirty than a one piece, yet provides the same level of coverage without the ridin’ factor. In addition, the tankini separates the line of your body to make it appear more proportioned.

The most ideal option is a long torso swimsuit. The challenge is not only are they difficult to find, but they can also be extremely boring, conservative, and expensive. Well now there is a resource, Tall Clothing Mall, that brings tons of long torso swimsuits to one spot, saving you time in finding the unexpected, sexy, and inexpensive long torso suit (it does exist; I promise). When looking at long torso swimsuits, remember to pay attention to details such as the cut of the leg as well as the neckline. With this season’s trend of plunging necklines, it shouldn’t be as difficult to find variety. In addition to low necklines, high cut bottoms also will make your torso appear shorter. Now I am in no way intimating that we need to look shorter (that is simply blasphemous). I’m simply stating that shortening the torso will help us achieve balance.

Regardless of what trend you decide to embrace, make sure to do so with confidence. The fashion tips and tricks help, but nothing goes further in making you look your best than believing it yourself.

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Maternity Bermuda Shorts

Here are nice options in longer length maternity shorts. I know when I was pregnant I was always so hot and shorts gave me a bit of welcome relief. With their added length, maternity bermuda shorts are a flattering length for tall women.

icon icon icon
icon icon

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15" Inseam Men's Tall Work Short

In my quest for men's tall shorts I came across this pair of 15" inseam shorts that would be perfect for outdoor work. They feature a permanent crease that never needs ironing, a non-roll waistband and lockstitched hem. They also have a stain release finish and are a nice flat front. These Dickies brand men's tall shorts are available in 8 colors in waist sizes 30"-48" $25.99
I also have more men's tall shorts at Tall Clothing Mall.

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Men's Tall Athletic Shorts

Most of the tall athletic shorts on this page have been sold out. We have now created an new updated page of men's tall athletic shorts.

It seems everyone is in the mood for working out. This week I have been loaded with requests for tall athletic clothing. Here are some links to men's tall athletic shorts.
Kobe Checker 13" Men's Shorts M-3XL
Nike Dri-FIT Stretch Dobby Men's Shorts 12" inseam S-2XL
LeBron MVP Men's Shorts - 13" inseam M-3XL
Jordan XX3 Men's Basketball Shorts 12" inseam S-3XL
Nike Global 3/4 Men's Tennis Pants inseam unknown, but these look long S-2XL
Nike Men's Long Baseball Training Shorts 12" inseam S-2XL
Nike Men's Baseball Training Long 12" inseam Short iconS-XL
Nike Men's Compression Long Short iconinseam unknown these are for wearing under shorts- like bike shorts S-2XL
And 1® Prodigy II Basketball Shorts 12" inseam M-2XL
And 1® New Exile II Shorts 12" inseam M-2XL
adidias® 3-Stripe Basketball Shorts 12" inseam MT-2XLT
Nike Kobe 13" inseam short 3(item # 65770011) MT-3XLT
Cambria Bicycle Outfitter has long bicycle shorts up to 15" inseam lengths under their loose fitting shorts section.
I am searching for more men's long athletic shorts and will add more here. If anyone else knows of any, please send me an email.

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Longer Length Shorts - Tall Shorts

Great Lengths is a great place to get long shorts for tall men and tall women. They carry some men's tall shorts up to 14" inseam length and women's tall shorts and some capri pants. They also have some longer length maternity shorts. I have ordered from them in the past and was pleased with my long shorts.

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Long Tankinis

Longer length tankinis are a nice option in swimsuits and I've been working really hard to find more. On the left is a nice swimsuit for larger chests as this long tankini is sized by chest cups and goes all the way to cup size G. $62
Click here to view more long tankinis and long torso swimsuits.

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Where to find Women's Extra Long Workout Shirts

A really great store for finding women's extra long workout shirts is Nike. Their website is a bit hard for me to get pictures to show you some examples, but here are some links to some extra long workout shirts that I like:
Nike Pinnacle Long Sport Women's Tunic
Nike PB Printed Women's Long Sport Top
Nike Cling Free Women's Yoga Halter
Nike Seamless Women's Long Sport Top

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Crinkle Tall Dress- Perfect for Traveling

This crinkle tall dress is perfect for packing in your suitcase. You can throw it in your suitcase, pull it out and it still looks terrific. The bold graphic prints are a nice size print for tall women. Choose from 4 color choices, but be sure to check the size chart. $98
Mother's Day offer at Boden! Receive 12% OFF, FREE shipping and FREE returns when you click here!

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Men's Tall Hiking Pants - Tall Convertible Pants

I am excited to have found these men's tall convertible pants in a 36" inseam length. These have lots of great features. Some of my favorite are that they are made of a quick drying nylon, the fabric has UPF 50+ sun protection, nice cargo pockets for holding extra gear. The lower-leg side-seam zippers allow easy on/off over footwear. When you get hot, zip off the lower part of your legs and these are great shorts. They have also received fabulous reviews from many tall men. These men's tall convertible pants (item 746911) are available in green or khaki in sizes MT-2XLT for $55.

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Women's Tall Shirts with UV Protection

Stay cool, dry and protected from the summer sun: these women's tall shirts have ultraviolet protection built right in. The lightweight nylon ripstop fabric dries quickly and wicks moisture for all-day comfort. They are available in pink or tan in women's tall size MT-2XLT. $44.50

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Men's Tall Wind Pants 33" Inseam on Sale

No need to sacrifice style in order to be comfortable in windy, wet weather. The great-looking, lightweight 100% nylon shells of these pants are wind- and water-resistant. Pants have side leg zippers for easy on and off.
These men's tall wind pants are available from Cabela's (item OG-922701) in sizes MT-LT for $12.88

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Men's Tall Athletic Pants - 35" Inseam

It seems that you tall men are having a hard time finding tall athletic pants. I get lots of requests for help finding them. Tonight I found a pair of 35" inseam fleece pants icondesigned in an athletic tall cut with a drawstring elastic waistband, elastic leg openings, and side pockets. Dri-Power® fleece fabric is quick-drying, durable, and heavyweight, while wicking moisture to keep you comfortable. These men's tall athletic pants come in navy, black or gray in sizes LT-XLT for $24.99

I have other links to men's tall workout pants on this blog- many in March of 2008. Here is a link of a pair of men's tall fleece pants on my website.

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