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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tall SPF Shirt for the Tall Sports Man

World Wide Sportsman  XPS  Shirts with Solar Guard UPF 50 for Men - Long Sleeve
If you are a tall man that love to be in the outdoors, don't forget your suncreen! Or, better yet grab wear a tall SPF shirt for extra sun-protection. This long sleeve shirt is made of quick-dry 100% nylon Supplex® with Solar Guard UPF50 protection. It features a roll-up collar, plus mesh-lined vented cape back and underarm put zippers. Includes a waterproof pouch with bungee clip that can be secured in the chest pocket. Machine wash. It is available in white, tan, green and blue. Tall Sizes LT-2XLT $42.95

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Women's Big and Tall Pants

We have just added some women's big and tall pants to our women's tall pants area at Tall Clothing Mall. We have many tall plus size pants ranging from size 14T-32T. Here is a hard to find size ranging from 28T-32T. It is a pair of Avenue coin pocket wide leg tall trousers with a 34" inseam length. It comes in gray or dark brown. A cute coin pocket adds some fun to these polished trousers. Classic fit-designed to sit at your natural waist. $44.95
Avenue Coin Pocket Wide Leg Trouser 28-32(Also in Tall) Womens Plus Size

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Red is the Hot Trend for Fall

The color red is the hot color trend for Fall/Winter. Choose whatever shade of red flatters you most. Red will be in tops, suits, sweaters, dresses and more. If you don't want to wear it all over, try wearing it as accessories - purses, shoes, and jewelry. Here are our picks of glamerous red clothing.

Annie Satchel

Blu Red Enamel Bangle Set


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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Big & Tall Sportshirt from Murano 70% Off

I came across a great deal on this Murano big & tall sportshirt.
It is now 75% off - only $17.50 was $70. Choose either a white or black shirt. This long-sleeve sportshirt provides comfort and style with a high-performance elastic-fiber material that allows you to move freely while the garment maintains its shape. Of cotton/XLA™ Lastol. It comes in tall sizes LT-4XLT.

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Tall Wrap Dress

All heads will turn when you walk by in this pretty tall wrap dress. No detail has been spared to make it a flattering tall dress. Surplice bodice and sash create a slimming appearance. This dress has nice top seaming to create a nice shape and a full skirt. It comes in 6 color choices. $39.99 We love the high contrast look of the tall black dress with hot pink accessories and so we have put together our top picks to help you recreate the look.

Amanda Blessing (Women's) - Fuchsia Sunset Bag icon

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Men's 36" Inseam Jeans 7 For All Mankind

You'll be looking hot in these men's tall designer jeans by 7 for all Mankind. They are a classic five-pocket, boot-cut jean with slight fraying on the back pocket and a clean, worn-in feel. Zip fly with button closure. Approx. rise: front 9 1/2"; back 14 1/2". 36" inseam length. They come in waist sizes 30"-40" for $150.

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Women's 36" Inseam Wide Leg Stretch Jeans

I love this pair of tall wide leg jeans because if flatters almost any figure. The touch of strech makes it comfortable and the the flared leg is very slimming. The contour waistband sits just below the natural waist. You'll want this pair of tall jeans in blue and black. Tall 36" inseam in sizes 4T-18T. $68
Women's Tall Slim Fit Wide Leg Stretch Jean - Blue

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Back to School Tall Clothes Shopping

School is starting very soon. If you are searching for back to school clothes that are long enough, you are not alone. Don't despair. I have been helping tall men and women from teen age to adults find tall clothes that will fit. If you are in need of special help send an email to . Please give me specific info. of what you need help finding. Please include: size, inseam length, your budget, and your approx. age.
I answer requests on a first come basis.
You can also browse my website Tall Clothing Mall for more inspiration.

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Can a Tall Person Fit in a Smart Car?

I love this cute little car. With the price of gas, the smart car is looking very attractive. So, I am wondering if tall people can fit in a smart car? I am 6'1" and my husband is 6'3". I'm pretty sure our heads could hang out the top of the convertible model, but what about leg room. Surely some of you tall people have test drove one. So what do you think? I welcome any comments below.

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Where to Find Tall Olympic Clothes

I love the Olympics. I will be watching and recording every event I can. My household will basically shut down as we cheer for team USA. I have been searching for big and tall Olympic clothes and here is my list of where to find tall Olympic Clothes:
1.Rochester Big & Tall has a large selection of big and tall Olympic clothes from Polo Ralph Lauren - an official outfitter of the 2008 US Olympic team.
2.Casual Male XL also has big and tall Olympic clothing from Polo Ralph Lauren.
3. Nike Store carries shoes made for US Olympians that will be worn during the games. You can purchase the same items. They also carry other Team USA Merchandise.
4.Adidas Store has Olympic inspired shoes.

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Internet Shopping 101 (Plus Our Recommendations for Shopping for Tall Clothes)

I really enjoyed this mornings Today show segment called "Internet Shopping 101" with Stacy London from TLC's "What Not to Wear."

The recap:
Look for websites that give you the most information. Use your favorite search engine and search for the item itself. Also, search for your favorite designer. Many great websites will pop up that you may not have found before.
1. Finding the Right Fit:
Recommended website: has a body measurement guide in their dress and customer service sections and you can have a live chat with a customer representative while you are looking at the item itself. (We love Nordstrom for tall designer pants, plus size clothes, and large shoes.)
2. Websites That Offer Accessories: has 3 million items, over 1000 brands. You can search by shoes by color, by size and heel height and they also have great bags. (We love them for large shoes.)
Bag, Borrow or Steal lets you rent bags. This is a great option for special events.
Max & lets you shop for accessories by price. (Take $10 off orders of $100 or more with coupon code: T7PR8)
3. Plus Size Clothing
Lee Lee's is a great plus size store. (We also recommend our plus size section at Tall Clothing Mall.)
4. Fashion Trends
Revolve is a website that has head to toe looks called lookbooks. This offers you one stop shopping for complete outfits.
We also recommend the following stores for one stop shopping for tall clothes:
Eddie Bauer just about anything you click on, offers you the rest of your outfit all put together for easy shopping. has a nice lookbook especially for women's tall loungewear and tracksuits with inseams up to 40" long. also has a trendy lookbook with many tall designer jeans and longer length tops.

The bottom line is that you can find everything you need shopping from the comfort of your home.
Another tip, make sure you shop with a credit card and not debit card just in case anything could go wrong, you don't want someone having access to your bank account.

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Final Days of Eddie Bauer Ultimate Summer Sale

Last Days - Ultimate Summer Sale Save up to 60% through 8/4 100x100

It is the final few days of the Ultimate Summer Sale at Eddie Bauer where from now until August 4th, save up to 60% off over over 400 styles. There are many tall clothing items available for under $20.

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Gisele Bundchen Wears Hudson Jeans

At 5'11" tall, Gisele Bundchen was seen wearing Hudson Jeans. To get a similar look we recommend the Hudson Jeans signature bootcut in abyss. This jean has a 34" inseam and a 8" rise. It is a medium blue denim with distressing throughout and a triangle flap close back pockets. Get it while it's on sale for $137. For more tall designer jeans, visit Tall Clothing Mall.
Photo by Deniminology

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Tall NFL Jerseys

Gear up for the football season with a tall NFL jersey. Casual Male XL has one of the largest selections of tall football jerseys available anywhere in size 2XLT-4XLT and sizes 2XL-6XL.
Tall NFL Jerseys (Item #84282)

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Finally Bought an Organizer Purse

I have to admit that I am not an organized woman. However, this past week I have become a dejunking fool. I've been cleaning out drawers, going though our closets and just plain getting rid of stuff. It's as if I have caught a strange disease. I guess the news that our forthcoming adoption is starting to make some progress has put me into "nesting" mode. I did get the nesting instinct when I was pregnant with my other children, but this is a pleasant side effect of this adoption. (My husband is loving the house getting cleaned.) Anyway- one thing I have been really frustrated with is my purse. I keep losing everything that I throw in it. The other day after searching forever to find my car keys, I decided enough is enough. Time to get organized! I went online to see what type of organizing purses I can find. I found all kind of gizmos an gadgets, but I really want something with style. I ended up purchasing the Butler Bag. This bag is amazing. It has many individual compartments to keep all your girly stuff organized. I like the bigger Hybrid Bag as larger bags usually look better on tall women. It even has enough room to fit my laptop. I can't wait until they come out with their diaper bag!

Inside the Butler Bag Classic HandbagButler Bag Hybrid Handbag in Black

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Knee Length Tall Skirt

I was excited to see Boden has 3 more styles of their knee length tall skirt. I bought one of their Spring skirts in this style and it has been my favorite skirt. The flattering A-line skirt hits me right at my knee. I will be buying another one for fall - perhaps the brown polka dot skirt. If you like it too, be sure to check the size charts as they vary a bit from US sizes.

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Extra Tall Dress Shirt

This men's extra tall dress shirt iconwith single chest pocket offers a fuller fit and longer tails to keep the shirt tucked in, plus an expandable collar for comfort. It also features button-through sleeve plackets to preserve neatness, exact sleeve lengths for a perfect fit, durable buttons that resist breakage and two spare buttons. Choose your up to 37 inch sleeve length. On sale for $31.50.

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Plus Size Cropped Pants Outfit

This is a really cute plus size cropped pants oufit. I ordered it for a friend and think it's really great for a tall, plus sized woman. The hooded vest is long enough to hit at my hips and the pants hit half way down my calf. Both pieces feature an embroidered palm tree and sail boats. This could be a nice plus size vacation outfit. The best part is that they are now 50% off at Monroe and Main (Ends July 30). Everything on their site is on sale at 50% off.
Waikiki Vest item #WY59079 sale $15.99
Waikiki Cropped Pants -item #WY59086 sale $17.99

To complete the outfit add these Jalisa Thongs item #WY58958 sale $23.99 up to size 12 shoes.

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Jewelry Worn by Celebrities

WendyCulpepper Jewelry is quickly taking the celebrities world by storm as seen on Rachel Ray, Gable Carr, Rachel Taylor and more. They specialize in handcrafted designer jewelry made of silver, gold vermeil, and fine gold jewelry. Many of their pieces are quite large or dangly- a perfect proportion for a tall woman.
Wendy Culpepper LLC

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New Look for Men's Tall Polos & Poll

There's a redesigned look on the classic polo. How do you like this tall diagonal-stripe polo? It's a bit of a preppy look. Make of no-fuss rib-knit jersey - cotton feels so good. Tall Sizes MT-3XLT $24.50

Men: Men's Tall Diagonal-Stripe Polos - Dark Sea Blue

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tall Women's Outfit: What to Wear to a Semi-Casual Office

Women: Dobby tuxedo shirt - honeysuckleiconicon
icon icon icon

So you work in a semi-casual office. You don't have to wear suits, but still need to look professional, what's a tall women to wear? To start with we like this tall tuxedo shirt -the perfect mix of feminine details. $44 Pair with a flattering slim cut tall denim jacket iconwith added spandex so it will feel great all day long. Tall sizes MT-2XLT on sale for $21.99 Everyone needs a basic go to pair of tall khaki pants to mix and match with anything in your wardrobe. We like this smooth pair of twill pants in a 34" or 36" inseam lengths on sale for $29.99 Finish it off with a comfortable shoe and you've got a timeless look.

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