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Friday, February 29, 2008

Green Long Tank - Get Ready For St. Paddy's Day

You won't get pinched on St. Patrick's Day with this long layering tank top (search for long tank). This long tank top is made from ribbed cotton, and works really well for layering with other tanks or cute cardigans. 9 other colors are also available for $28. Click here for more layering shirts.

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Win Free Clothes Today Only!

Right now get Free Shipping at and while you are shopping, for today only they have a special promotion happening - 29 orders will be given away for free; fill up your shopping bag and it might just be yours. Boden has trendy tall sized skirts and tall dresses.

Find Blogs in the Blog Directory

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Leap Year Sale on Shoes

Get some great savings on all shoes including larger size shoe during the leap year sale at! Save even more with coupon code MARSAVE to get 10% off (some brands are not included). Also get free shipping! Sale end March 2nd.

Shop for Shoes up to 75% off at

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

35 Inseam Tall Plus Size Jeans

I've been getting lots of email from tall women needing larger sizes pants. Not wanting to disappoint you, here is another tall plus size jean icon by Zana-di featuring cute chop-pockets on the front with a slight boot-cut style. It has a long 35 inch inseam length and these are stretch jeans so they will be comfortable. They are available in tall plus sizes 16T-32T in 5 color choices and if you purchase them soon, you can get them on sale!

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Big and Tall Basketball Shorts

Nothing's worse than working out in clothing that is uncomfortable or that doesn't fit right. Here is a basic pair of basketball shorts for tall men. They feature a 9" inseam, are made from 100% Polyester have a comfy drawstring elastic waistband with 2 front pockets. Sizes range from 1X-12X and are available in black, navy or red. Sale price $26.99

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Monday, February 25, 2008

Black and White Shoes for Spring

Sophisticated and modern - that's what black and white shoes say! I have just created a new section of fresh black and white shoes in great Spring styles. This is another wonderful shoe trend for Spring and of course all of the shoes are available in women's larger shoe sizes.
Naturalizer - Walford (Black / White Fabric / Black Shiny Platform) - Women's

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Where can I get custom made clothing for tall people or any size?

Where can I get custom made clothing? This is a common question I am asked. So here is top list of custom made clothing stores.
1. The Executive's Closet- offers custom made clothing in any size in anything you want- pants, jeans, jackets for men and women although they are currently updating their women's section. They have given visitors to this site an exclusive 10% off discount by entering coupon code: "tallclothing" at checkout.
2.Lands' End Men's Custom Clothing offers custom made dress shirts in a variety of style and colors with up to a 20"neck and a 40" sleeve length in solid colors or patterns. This is wonderful option for the man with extra long sleeve lengths. They also offer custom design your own jeans, khakis, and dress pants with inseam lengths up to 40 inches long.
3. Lands' End Women's Custom Clothing sells custom made jeans and khaki pants with inseam lengths up to 40 inches long in women's regular or plus sizes. One of my favorite sections is their custom design your own swimsuit section. I think they are brilliant! One size does not fit all especially when it comes to swimsuit shopping. Now you can design your own swimsuit choosing regular torso or long torso, your bra size and with padding or without.
4. Make Your Own Jeans has custom design your own jeans and chinos in your own measurements for men or women. Some other custom made clothing they offer are maternity jeans, suits, sports coats, shorts, custom shirts and more. I have ordered a pair of jeans from them and have been happy with the end result.
5. Enrique is a UK company carrying custom made clothing in custom made fitness pants, dance pants or more with made to measure clothing. They offer worldwide delivery, but delivery is free for those in the UK.
6. Dress by Design is such a great option for getting a custom made dress. They feature 7 different dress styles that you can customize in a variety of fabrics from casual to dressy. I am so excited about this company. They have many fabrics that are dressy enough to customize into a tall prom dress. There website is user friendly and it's fun to play with their dress design wizard. I have spent hours looking at all the different dress ideas as I am ordering myself a new dress. They have given Tall Clothing Mall visitors an exclusive discount of 10% off any dress when you enter coupon code: "tallmall" at checkout. Click here on more tips on how you can add extra length to your dress design.
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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cute Tunics for Spring

I recently came across LuLu*s Fashion Lounge a nice store for longer length shirts and especially tunics that are perfect for tall women. One that I thought was unique is this kimono sleeve t-shirt that is available in 6 colors in in sizes S-L . I especially love the teal color. $31
Click here for more women's tall clothing.

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Men's Dress Shirt with 38 Inch Sleeves or 37 Inch Sleeves

Lands' End makes nice big and tall clothing for men. Today I found a couple of
wrinkle- free dress shirts with 38 inch sleeves or 37 inch sleeves. I know how hard it can be to find these sizes as my husband and father-in-law both have extra long arms. I always try to find wrinkle-free shirts as I don't have time to iron. These patterned tall dress shirts are available in several colors in stripes or plaids. They'll add interest to your business wardrobe, but also do double duty on the weekends with jeans or chinos. They're silky soft as can be, woven of our ultra-fine "80's" cotton yarns, and tailored with "old world" touches that include full single-needle stitching and long tuck-in tails. $65

Click here for more men's big and tall clothing.
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Saturday, February 23, 2008

38" Inseam Tall Workout Pants

There's another new arrival of women's 38" inseam tall workout pants. These extra tall workout pants by Bejewled feature an elastic banded drawstring waist with a fitted stretch feel throughout. The large embellished, studded design on rear left leg adds a cute detail to the otherwise all black pant. They have an 8" Rise and are made of 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex. So you tall women looking for workout pants that fit, here you go. At $114 they are a bit on the pricey, but could be worn for more than just working out. Available in sizes XS-L. There are more tall workout pants here.
Bejeweled Black Heart Metal Pant
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36" Inseam Plus Size Jean

Here is another great jean for tall plus size women. The Paris Blues 36" inseam plus size jean from Torrid is a great basic for your wardrobe. These are a dark blue color with a basic 5- pocket design and a zip and button fly. They come in low rise are are made of 99% cotton and 1% spandex so they give you a little stretch without losing their shape. Available in tall plus sizes 12-26 for $42.
Paris Blues Gunmetal Basic 36

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Big and Tall Leather Jacket on Sale

With Spring fast approaching, many retailers are making room for more inventory which means incredible sales are in progress. I found this big and tall leather jacket on sale (item# 30391). This black tall leather jacket will never go out of style. It is lined in viscose and crafted with two zippered slash pockets. You will always make a great impression in this jacket by Andrew Marc Pick. It is available in sizes LT-4XLT for $299.99 was $595. Click here for more big and tall clothing.

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Feminine Tall Trench Coats

Every women need a great trench coat. I have recently added more tall trench coats to the website. One I added is Gap's long belted tall trench coat, a gorgerous and feminine tall trench coat. It has a tailored fit, flattering belted waist, yet still remains cool and casual. - High-quality cotton/nylon blend, lined. Princess seams for a more tailored fit. Long sleeves, epaulets, storm flaps at front left and back. Notch collar, double-breasted button front. Self-tie belt and loops at waist, side slant pockets. Back vent, topstitching detail throughout, hits just above knee. Available in cream and tan in tall sizes S-XL $88
Women: Long belted trench coat - aran cream

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Cute Floral Shoes Available to Size 12 Shoes

I love, love, love this shoe!!! I love florals and Spring is all about floral prints. These larger size espadrilles by Naturalizer are neutral enough that they will go with just about everything from casual to dressy. The heel height of 2 1/2" is perfect for flattering long legs. For those of us wearing larger size shoes, these are available to size 12 shoes. $69.95

Click here for more trendy larger size shoes
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Catalyst Big & Tall T-Shirt

If you are looking for a big and tall t-shirt for Spring, Catalyst makes a great logo t-shirt. It is available in a wide variety of sizes from XLT-6XLT and 2XB-7XB. $25-$28

Click here for more big and tall clothing.

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36" Inseam Skinny Jeans- Lowrise

You will be looking hot in this pair of 36" Inseam Skinny Jeans. I love the unique bright blue color. If you are a tall, thin woman these skinny jeans are ultra flattering. They are available in 34" or 36" inseam length in sizes 00-19 for $44.50. Also right now save on this great sale - Jeans & pants – Buy one, get one HALF OFF at dELiA*s! Select styles.
Click here for more women's tall jeans.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Low Rise 36" Inseam Jean

This 36" Inseam Rock & Republic low rise boot-cut jeans isicon sleek in dark denim that is faded at the front thighs while metallic monogram embroidery brands the back pockets. These tall jeans fit snug at first and with wear with conform to your body shape. This is a great pair of women's tall designer jeans in a 36 inch inseam.
Click here for more women's tall jeans.
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7 For All Mankind - Men's Tall Designer Jeans

7 for All Mankind is a great brand of iconmen's tall designer jeans. This pair has a 36" inseam length, a front rise of 9 1/2"and a back rise of 14 1/2". They are classic pair of five-pocket, boot-cut, tall designer jeans that have slight fraying on the back pocket and a clean, worn-in feel. This brand is one of the most popular as the quality is superb and the fit is incredible. It is available in waist sizes 30-38.
For more men's tall jeans visit
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Big Dogs is having a Sale

Big dogs is having a winter clearance sale. Buy one item and get the 2nd item 75% off. This deal excludes their graphic tees, but includes items such as fleece, golf shirts, lounge pants and more. Also get free shipping on orders of $100 or more.

For more big and tall clothing visit

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Long Floral Skirt

Many regular clothing (non-tall) stores carry longer length skirts that are the perfect length for taller women. Monroe & Main has some darling skirts. Today I found this long floral skirt that is 37 inches long. It is made of machine washable polyester georgette- a beautiful draping fabric. This long skirt could be worn anywhere and best of all it comes in a wide variety of sizes from S-3X.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I want your feedback

I am a relatively new blogger and am still trying to figure out how to make this blog more interesting. I want your feedback and suggestions on what you would like me to include on this tall clothing blog. Please send me a comment at the bottom of this post or send and email to


Men's tall denim shorts - stop wearing short shorts!

If you are a tall man, I sure hope you don't wear short shorts. They tend you give you chicken legs. Thankfully short shorts went out of style before my time. My husband has become a fan of longer length shorts and wears them to work during the summer with his steel-toed hiking boots. Actually he usually wears the longer shorts at home year round. River road makes a nice looking pair of men's tall denim shorts with an inseam length of 11.25 inches. $29.99. Use the following coupon to save 10% off. Bigmansland - 10% Off Your Entire Order! Coupon Code: per10

For more men's tall clothing visit
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Hooray for Tall Capris

As a tall woman, when I buy capris, I want them in longer lengths. When the length is too short say a 25" inseam or shorter my legs look strange as if I am trying to look like a little girl. These
tall capris
have a nice 27" inseam length with cuffed bottoms and mother of pearl button on the cuffs. These tall capris are slim fitting and made from cotton-spandex helping them hold their shape and offering great comfort and fit. They are available in black, white or khaki and in tall sizes 2-18.
Women's Tall Cotton Stretch Button Cuff Capri Pant - Black
For more women's tall clothing visit
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Monday, February 18, 2008

Ladies- Make sure you are Wearing the Correct Bra Size

As most of you know, I don't care to shop in malls as I do 90% of my shopping online. It is just easier to find tall clothing. The one thing you may have to buy in a mall is a good bra. This weekend I went to visit my mother. She has recently lost 65 lbs and is on her way to a whole new body. I'm so proud of you mom! She looks so great, but I noticed she needed a new bra. So, I took her shopping and we got a saleswomen to measure her correctly. It was amazing the transformation in her shape and with these new curves came a new attitude. Whether you have gained weight, lost weight, had a baby or have been the same size for a while, make sure your bra is the correct size and has good support.

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Big and Tall T-Shirt

Today I feature a Big & Tall T-shirt (Item# 30300) that is made for today's active big and tall man. Rusell's Dri-Power fabric is designed to transfer moisture away from your skin so your body stays cooler and drier during workouts, sports and other activities. This is a nice feature to keep you cool and fresh. It is made from 100% polyester and is available in tall sizes LT-4XLT and 7 color choices. For more men's big and tall clothing visit

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Floral Print Tall Shirt

This Spring's fashion is all about florals. This floral print tall shirt has the perfect proportioned print for a tall women. Small prints are best worn under another layer like under a vest or jacket. Overall it is best to go with medium to large prints to keep them in proportion to your size. I like this brown tall floral shirt as it has enough fun details such as puff sleeves and a bib front shirring giving you a great silhouette. It is available in tall sizes S-XL.
Women: Floral bib-front shirt - brown print
For more women's tall clothing visit

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Larger Sized Shoes in Animal Prints

Animal prints are continuing to be a strong trend as we head towards Spring. Accessories are a great way to wear animal prints. We don't want to actually look like walking giraffes. They are best worn with solid color outfits For those women requiring larger size shoes, we found a cute and fun larger size animal print shoe by J. Renee®. It is available up to size 13 shoes.

J. Renee - Meera (Leopard Animal) - Women's
For more larger size shoe trends visit

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