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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nautica Big & Tall Polo shirt

nautical tall polo shirt
A fresh, new style for Spring is the above Nautica big & tall polo shirt. It features bold stripes made from a breathable knit polo. Choose from 3 color choices in sizes LT-3XLT.

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Eddie Bauer Spring Sale and Free Shipping

Eddie Bauer Spring Sales Event. Save Up To 50% on Over 200 Styles of tall clothing! Shop Now!

The Eddie Bauer Spring Sales Event has savings now up to 60% off in season clothing. Shipping is $6.95. Sale ends 4/3. They have a large selection of tall clothing for men and women.
Plus, receive free shipping & handling on all orders. No minimum purchase is required! Use coupon code: FRSHIP Ends 4/1.

View more tall clothing sales.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Feeling Lucky? Special Offer at Gap, Banana Republic & Old Navy

tall clothing sales at gap

There's a mystery sale - find out your special offer at Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy. Online only. Offer ends 3/23. You may use the same cart for all stores. Shipping is a flat rate of $7, or free when you purchase $50. They all sell tall clothing for women and men.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

St Patrick's Day Sales

aerosoles polka dot red shoes on sale

It's your lucky day! Save some green backs with today only St. Patrick's Day sales! Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Chinese Laundry - save 20% off everything. Enter coupon code 1DAYSALE317.
  • All Entertainment Books are just $17 and shipping is free. This offer ends 3/17.
  • Indi Custom Jeans save 30% off today only! Use code paddy317.
  • Lane Bryant - save $20 off $40. Use coupon code: LUCKY20LB. Ends 3/17.
  • Lee Jeans - save 30% off all jeans plus Free Shipping - no code necessary! Ends 3/17.
  • Shoemall - save 20% off order of $20 or more, plus get free shipping. Use coupon code LUCKY20. Expires 3/17.
  • - receive 25% off Select Aerosoles. *Prices as marked. Valid 3/17/11 only.

Visit our sale section at Tall Clothing Mall for the best deals and coupons.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tall Fashion Models & Celebrities - I Could Care Less What They Are Wearing!

taylor swift oscar gown 2011
So you may be shocked at that title! Why? Because for the most part I could really care less what tall fashion models and tall celebrities are wearing! I know, this is a tall blog and I should be following them with a cult-like watch, but really I think it's a big waste of my time. Why? For the most part I believe the clothing they are wearing is unattainable for tall people and here is my reasoning.
  • Most tall fashion models and tall celebrities have their clothing specially designed for their bodies. Yes, it fits them perfectly! But, on the rare occasion that the clothing is re-created for the general public, it is made into main stream sizes which means that suddenly the item is no longer made in tall sizes. There's rarely an instance I could possibly find the same items in my size in a store.
  • On the off-chance I could find the item in the store, it is normally so expensive that my chances of buying it are slim to none. For example - what occasion would I ever wear an Oscar type gown? I'm a normal lady raising a family. I will never attend the Oscars or be invited to "The White House." So I will never, ever need a celebrity gown.
  • Many tall celebrities and tall fashion models really aren't that tall! I am 6'1" in height, so if I'm trying to dress like a model who is 5'9" tall, their clothing really isn't going to fit me very well.
  • The amount of frustration I would encounter trying to emulate the wardrobes of tall celebrities and tall models is not worth my time.

On the other hand, I enjoy looking at the latest trends and enjoy dressing stylish. But, this means that I have to tweak the styles to look good on my tall frame. It works much better for me to purchase timeless styles that are affordable and attainable. I can easily follow many of the trends by changing out my accessories.

As a result, Tall Clothing Mall and our blogs will not feature tall models and tall celebrities on a regular basis. I would much rather spotlight tall people doing extra-ordinary things that make the world a better place as well as tall clothing that we can afford and attain.

I'd love to hear your opinion on this matter. Also, if you know of a tall person that is making a difference in the world, I'd love to feature them here.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Jeans for Tall, Thin Guys up to 40" Inseam

Cinch Men's Jeans for Tall Thin Guys up to 40 Inseam Jeans
If you're a tall, thin guy it used to be impossible to find jeans that fit. But, not anymore! There are lots of brands of jeans for tall, thin men. I recommend Cinch jeans. The above pair is a relaxed fit, dark stonewash jeans with inseams in 34", 36", 38", and 40". Waist sizes start at 27". They have a straight leg and mid-rise. (Please stay away from skinny jeans if you are an extra-tall man).
We've made it easy for you to find jeans for tall men over at Tall Clothing Mall as we have men's jeans categorized by inseam lengths.

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Monday, March 7, 2011

Eddie Bauer - Tall Pants on Sale

Eddie Bauer - All Pants on Sale - Ends Sunday 3/13

This week at Eddie Bauer, all pants are on sale including tall pants. Prices start at $29.99. Sale ends Sunday, March 13th.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

St Patty's Day Tall Green Clothing

Gear up for St. Patrick's Day with your tall green clothing! Don't get pinched (unless you want to). Here's our picks for green clothing in tall sizes.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Custom Made Ski Pants, Coats, Jackets & More

custom made ski pants and custom made clothing for tall people
While looking for resources for my blog post on "Where to Shop If You are an Extra Tall Woman", I found a new resource.
Beyond Clothing makes custom made ski pants, coats, jackets, waterproof pants and more! I know these are winter items, so it may not help you out this year, but perhaps this will help you next year. These items can be customized with your inseam length and are made proportional to your height. Most items are made for both women and men.

Visit Tall Clothing Mall for more choices in custom made clothing for tall people.

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